10 Beautiful Road Trip In India That Will Make You Quit Taking Flights!

10 Beautiful Road Trip In India That Will Make You Quit Taking Flights!

10 Beautiful Road Trip In India That Will Make You Quit Taking Flights!


Road trips which can be done with Airplanes have made traveling very easy. In the remaining time of the journey, you can visit more places, learn more and share your experiences. But air travel is quite boring because in the plane you miss out on the beautiful views around you. 

By traveling in the bus one gets to see the beautiful views of the way and talking about them also increases the friendship between the passengers. So here are some amazing bus or car tours in India that will make you stop traveling in airplanes!

Mumbai to Goa

There are two ways to go from the richest city in India to the city with the most beautiful beaches in the country. The first route starts from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, then passes through Kolhapur and Belgaum and ends at Goa. Since this route is flat, it is good for those people whose health often gets worse while traveling. If you go without stopping, you will reach Goa in 10 hours 30 minutes. The second route takes 12 hours via National Highway 66. Whichever path you choose, seeing the beauty of the path, you will feel as if you have never reached your destination.

Visakhapatnam to Chennai

The road less traveled often leads to heaven. But this bus journey through National Highway 16 is heaven in itself. This route is less chosen by motorcyclists and road trip enthusiasts, but this route has very beautiful views. Lean your head against the window and take in the view outside. Who knows when we will get to see such beauty again!

Bangalore to Ooty Road Trip

This is one of the best bus tours in South India. Famous Chinese teacher and philosopher Confucius rightly said “paths are meant to be taken, not the destination”. Winding roads through national parks and forests lead to the clouds. This 6-hour bus ride The more it is written, the less it is. During this journey, people get a spiritual perspective, so it is better not to describe it in words.

Srinagar to Udhampur

This bus journey passing through the lush green and pollution-free environment gives immense peace of mind. After 7 hours you will feel that the journey should not have ended. The aroma of food coming from nearby dhabas makes the journey more wonderful.

Delhi to Leh

This is the reason behind it being one of the most popular road trips among travelers. During this bus tour you will see many unexplored aspects of India, undiscovered lands and magnificent monasteries along the way. 

Although this journey takes 29 hours, you will remember every moment spent.

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Jaipur to Jaisalmer

In this journey you will know how beautiful the desert can be. The car running on the flat road and the sand dunes coming around double the fun of the journey. Keep your eyes and ears open as you will spot peacocks during this 9 hours 40 minutes journey. There are plenty of food options along the way and the road condition is decent.

Manali to Leh Highway

This road trip is most shown in Bollywood. Remember Kareena Kapoor from Jab We Met? The snowy peaks running along the way take you to heaven. You will feel like stopping and taking in the views for a while. Traveling non-stop, the journey is completed in just 14 hours. If you laughed after hearing ‘only’ 14 hours, then try this journey once.

Guwahati to Tawang

This 14-hour bus journey showcases the beauty of India’s North East. The mountainous land here is very beautiful and unique. This route through the winding paths of the valleys is the best way to get acquainted with nature here. Thrill lovers have a lot of fun on these curvy roads. Every time you stop on the way and look at the nature around you, you will feel a big change in your turbulent thoughts.

Shimla to Manali

This journey between the two most popular hill stations of India is 8 hours. The stream of river Beas flowing along will fill your heart with immense love for nature. This journey of hill roads is very popular, so you will never find the bus running on the way empty. There will be some crowds of vehicles and noise on the way, but if you see the open sky and snowy hills outside the window, then the mind will be calm.

Chennai to Munnar

This 12-hour bus journey will take you from the beaches of Tamil Nadu, past tea gardens in the hills of Munnar, to the clouds. There will be many climate changes along the way which is an experience in itself to feel. Even the plains through which the bus passes on the way are also quite picturesque and simple which settle in the heart of the traveler. Read more article likethis here.


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