10 benefits of using a grammar checker tool online

10 benefits of using a grammar checker tool online

With assignments getting online and brands focusing more on SEO content, people are choosing content writing as a full-time career option. As a consequence, the use of grammar checker tools has become inevitable. An online grammar checking tool not only helps with the spelling and errors at the initial stage but also comprises a whole lot of other features, providing adequate help. In order to focus more on the benefits of a grammar checking tool online, here is a comprehensive list explaining things in detail.

1.It’s easy to use:

An essay typer tool online comes with an easy-to-use interface. You will just have to copy the content and paste it into the space provided to look for errors (if any). The tool uses different color codes to mark content as they are.

Red is used to highlight spelling mistakes, green to make you aware of the grammatical errors, purple/blue for the choice of words and yellow to define clarity. The tool being an AI-driven arrangement, highlights sentences with specific deformities by the particular colour type, making it easy for you to understand.

2. Feedbacks are quick and appropriate

An online grammar checker comes with an extension of its own. You can download the same on your laptop/PC and use the available functionalities. Further, these grammar and spelling checking tools are compatible with Google Docs and Microsoft Word versions, facilitating the go solutions.

Also, you can download the app versions of the same and avail of appropriate grammar and spelling-related suggestions on your mobile. This entire arrangement leads to quick solutions to unintended problems and proper outcomes all the time.

3.Modern tools with modern settings

You can always alter the default settings of a grammar checker online. The tool has all the options you need depending on the type of projects you are working on, tone of writing, target audience, and informative or creative aspects. You can even make a choice between British & American writing styles, altering texts accordingly.

Whether you are writing an academic essay, a blog post or a social media tabloid, the grammar checking tool available online comes with a heap of settings for you to play with. Also, you can rephrase the sentences as per need.


When dealing with several tasks at the same time or a deadline too close, a grammar-checking tool comes in handy. AI-based automated features help correct unintended spacing between words, missing punctuation, or suggest inserting articles where necessary.

Moreover, the AI tool can recognise the word you intended to put in a sentence and correct it if you misspelt it. Thus saving a lot of time and leaving little or no space for error. These changes are provided as a suggestion, and you can consistently accept them or deny them as per need.

5.Essential for dyslexic people

Apart from helping professionals, a grammar checking tool is also of great use for students completing their assignments all by themselves. As we all know, IQ levels are not the same for every student; some require more time and attention than the rest.

These students have a higher IQ level but lack the initial understanding needed to differentiate between words that look the same. A grammar check tool online helps solve the needful.

6.Free of cost

Most grammar-checking tools available online are free, with many functionalities for you. As a user, you can change those and curate your writing style. For those working in the professional sphere, companies help their writers by providing access to a premium version of the same tool.

However, sticking to a free version is never a wrong decision, making students finish their written tasks in no time. Also, professionals working solo can proceed with the same, checking the fundamental errors in grammar and spelling.


  1. Enhances your accuracy levels

With so much in store, you can come up with accurate outcomes. The grammar checking tool online works as your best friend, most sensitive critique and life saviour throughout the writing task.


You, out of too much pressure and a hectic schedule, might end up missing an article, spelling a word wrong or not adding punctuation in the right place. But the grammar tool will always have your back.


  1. You can check for plagiarism

While most of us think that plagiarism checking tools available online are not for free and charge a hefty amount. However, it is not the case. There are free grammar checker

online tools available, which can check upon plagiarism as well.


The drill remains the same. You must copy and paste the content into the provided space and check for plagiarism online. Moreover, you will have to pay nothing, and free versions are appropriate.


  1. Inbuilt SEO functionalities

For those writing for the web, readability scores matter a lot. There are specific SEO techniques and keyword placement skills that the writer needs to abide by. Also, in an article written for the web, the readability score decides on the footfalls it will be able to attract.


With a Grammar checker tool online, you can get an appropriate readability score, stating the audience type your content will most probably attract. Also, the tool helps you to get a detailed overview of the various sentence types, reflecting on the level of complexity.


  1. Downloadable and easy to share reports

Until then, it was all about you using the tool online and making adequate changes in the written content. But what if you’re writing for a client who wants a detailed report? For such a situation, downloadable and easy-to-share reports are available at your service.


These reports come as an overview of the suggestions you took, those that you dismissed, and whether the content has been made through a plagiarism test. You can always use these reports to bet upon the authenticity level of your content or to save your back from unnecessary escalations in the near future.


With so much on the advantageous side, a grammar checker indeed becomes the need of the hour. However, there are particular things that you need to keep in mind before vouching on a grammar checker tool wholeheartedly. Here are those points:


  • Look out for common suggestions. As the tool is entirely AI-driven, it suggests the same alternatives regarding word choice.
  • Online grammar checkers cannot detect proper nouns. Hence you will not receive the right kind of help with inappropriate use of capitalization.
  • For punctuations, a grammar checking tool suggests a complete stop at the end of every sentence type. Without differentiating between headings, subheadings and the general body of the content.
  • Also, because it is completely AI-driven, you must remain fully conscious and thoroughly attentive to the suggestion you accept, as things otherwise can go either way.
  • Finally, the grammar and spelling criteria change when you choose between American English and British English. Do keep this in mind.


Final Thoughts

A grammar-checking tool keeps all writing-related problems at bay. You can apply and reapply for new settings as many times as needed. The ultimate results are quite fulfilling, making you land close to the final goal.


Author Bio:

Amily Parker has 10+ years of experience as a professional writer and lives in London, the UK. She has joined the core team of MyAssignmenthelp.com recently. Moreover, here she works as an advisor, helping the board members launch new courses and various online tools like paper checker,  factoring calculator, citation maker and more.


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