10 Business Theme Ideas for Your Next Escape Room

10 Business Theme Ideas for Your Next Escape Room

10 Business Theme Ideas for Your Next Escape Room 


There are thousands of escape rooms distributed across the world. But after a while, everyone starts to catch up with patterns and see through the hidden props and elements. Therefore if you want your escape room puzzle to be entertaining, unforgettable, and captivating. So without any further delay, let us talk about 10-business that you can use for your next escape room: 

Cosmic Insanity 

Cosmic terror and fear refer to the paranoia of the unknown. How humanity fails to stay sane when they encounter something beyond their comprehension. Now imagine a team gets dragged into a place where they witness such a creature of darkness. And within those 60 minutes of their game, it will be up to them to see if they can solve the clues . With eerie sound effects and a perfect immersive setting, this room will leave everyone on their edge throughout the game. 


Gold Rush 

You can give the classical money heist and treasure hunt genre a new glow-up by experimenting with new ideas and a funfilled storyline. The plot follows a group of investigators who ventures into a mysterious cave to solve the reason behind its constant shining. As they dig further inside by decoding the clues and completing challenges, they come to unravel the source behind the strange shimmer- gold. But can they seek out this treasure without preventing the collapse of the cave and the ground upon them? 


Mathematical Magic  

The idea behind this escape room atlanta concept lies in breaking free of the geometric rules of our world and embarking on a journey where logic. A team gets stuck in a room that merges with another part of the world with bizarre dimensions and shapes, and nothing makes sense. Can they figure a rule out there and survive before the places erase their existence? This escape room can become a cult classic within no time amongst the fans due to its stunning visual and immersive effects. 


Save the Submarine 

An enemy country has launched an all-out attack on a nation. And a group of people is hiding in a submarine to guard the lives of their state leader. But the enemy has sniffed their location out; and is on its way to launch another attack. To save themselves and protect their head, the players must go through tricky challenges. Solve puzzles to detonate a missile at their foes and save their submarine. 


Panic at the Rate of Exam Room  

Enter a team who is left to tackle their biggest fear in the form of an impossible-to-finish exam. The players must solve the puzzles, look for clues to find answers to the exam questions, and break out of this room. Can they pass their exam and earn their freedom before the room marks them as failures forever? A power-packed thrill idea combined with the elements of comedy will make for a great escape room idea that anyone can enjoy.  


Graveyard Night  

Your all-time favorite rock singer Freddie Mercury is at a graveyard site, trapped and helpless. Having no idea how he reached there, he must escape from the haven of the undead and ghouls thirsting for his soul. Now, it is solely up to the team to complete the challenges, solve the puzzles and decode the riddles against time to save Freddie. Added with sound effects that leave no error , this theme will be rocking and impossible to forget the adventure. 


The Pyramid Hunt 

By combining a labyrinth-style puzzle with an ancient Egyptian setting, you can create one of the most entertaining and captivating escape rooms. Different people from a group get locked in strange rooms inside a pyramid of mazes.  They must use the end of their wits and team understanding to figure out their next move.. The players will encounter maps, keys, and old cryptic puzzles behind strange doors that help them find the way out by saving every group member. 


An Ancient God’s Curse  

As a group of people skips through the pages of an old and forgotten magical book, a strange light emerges and swallows them inside the book. Everyone must endeavor on a journey to reverse the curse of an ancient God and fight against time to find a solution . This unique and captivating escape room theme will make the customers enjoy. A perfect slice of the adventure cum ancient alienesque setting that will be impossible to forget.     


Jungle Trouble  

A team is out vacationing in paradise when they discover one of their teammates is suddenly found missing. A set of clues is left behind along a trail leading into the terrifying and dark forest of unknown carnivorous creatures. And the remaining team members must ram their heads together. Find out their lost buddy before the jungle decides to cause them trouble. This room can be the ideal setting for experiencing something akin to the Tomb Raider and Anaconda movie lore as one. 


Haunted House 

Sometimes, a classic haunted house can always do the charm. The group of players gets stranded in a deserted residence that holds the secrets of an ancient entity. And to avoid getting possessed by the dark creatures hidden in this place, they must find the locks to the doors.


Wrapping it up 

So these are the 10-ingenious ideas you can use for your next escape room. But you can further expand this list with your creativity. Take inspiration from your surroundings and jumble it with a gripping twist. It doesn’t matter whether you are a designer or a story and puzzle writer. The diverse and one-of-a-kind escape room setting that you came up with will gradually cause a boost in the market. 


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