10 Creative Home Lighting Ideas for LED Strips

10 Creative Home Lighting Ideas for LED Strips

Gone are the days of using boring CFL lamps in your houses, making them boring like public offices. Lighting can make or break the ambience of any house. Youmay generate intrigue, romance, tranquillity, or set the tone for a bustling workday just by flipping a light switch. Lighting may be ingeniously constructed and strategically placed to highlight valued belongings and alleviate darkness from nooks.

LED strip lights, in this case, are extremely adaptable and adjustable. They fit in a variety of places owing to their adhesive clips and a surface to which they can be attached. This makes LED strips suitable for illuminating regions you’ve never imagined.

Install them in these unusual spots throughout your house:

● Up on the ceiling :

LED strips can be utilised to make ceilings less harsh. They may be utilised as accent as well as ambient lighting. They produce a subtle glow around the corners, making things appear larger than they are. They’re particularly excellent for softening the harshness of regular ceiling lighting or exhibiting a statement piece above. Wrap your strips around the corners to create a soft light that will illuminate the night.

● Near the mirror:

With the mirrors being bathed in the warm glow of the LED lights , your features are bound to pop out. It is generally a well-liked aesthetic for most social media pictures. They not only make it look 10 times better than what it actually is, but also are not as harsh on the skin. It also gives a gentle glow and a consistent degree of lighting, reducing shadows and making you appear your best.

● Stairs:

You can spice up your boring staircases by using various LED strip lights. It is generally recommended to use a white led light to get that sleek, chic and classic look. Using multi-coloured lights is the trend nowadays. They help blend in the stairs with the walls better and cast a very nice glow, eliminating some of those sharp corners and making it seem cosier than it actually is. Apart from making the staircase appear sleek, they also act as a guiding light during the night and prevent a lot of accidents.

● Furniture:

Placing LED strip lights under the furniture lend a distinctive glow to any area and may help a tiny space feel larger. This is more fun than utilitarian.

There are a few furniture items to which you might consider adding accent lighting to:

Sofas and armchairs – create an atmosphere and make it simpler to find anything that falls beneath the sofa.

Tables – modernise an old table with LED strip lights to offer a pleasant light that’s ideal for gatherings.

Cribs and beds – light the floor enough to see at night without disturbing your children or partners, or add them to the headrest for ambience.

● Picture Frames:

Not only do these lights instantly brighten up the picture they also make them seem that much more nostalgic. You can use these lights to highlight the minor details in your artwork that may otherwise go unnoticed. Since LEDs don’t emit heat, there is no possibility of ruining your precious work and/or memories.

● Inside the shelves:

Placing these lights on the shelves can bring out the items you want to showcase, like a bookshelf or your collectables. Motion-activated LED light sticks is another wonderful method to provide light to these locations if you’d rather want to avoid the effort of turning the lights on and off.

● Outdoors:

Placing LED lights outside is one way to ensure that your backyard looks inviting and ready for any kind of party to be held. They will not only make the pictures look inevitably beautiful butalso serve a security purpose by subtly lighting all the dark spots in the backyard. LED strips can also be used outside; however, they must be suitably approved for the climate factors to which they will be subjected. In situations where they will be sprayed, poured on, or subjected to dust and filth, look for IP 65 or above.

● In the room:

It has become a trend to use LED lights for rooms to bring out one’s own personality while adding a tinge of personal touch. With the lights available in various shapes, sizes and colours, it becomes easy to mould them according to interest.

● Under the cabinets:

Adding LED light strips beneath and in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, as well as storage, may improve the aesthetic of your area. Under cabinet lighting also serves as task illumination, making your cabinets, shelves, and surfaces simpler to search and operate in.


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