10 Ways to Keep Your cat Healthy

10 Ways to Keep Your cat Healthy

Keeping your cat happy and healthy starts with a few simple tips, some of which you can start doing with your cat immediately.

Jeff Werber, a veterinarian in Los Angeles who owns eight cats himself, has some tips on how to help your cat live the best life possible. He says, “It’s important to get off on the right foot with cat care.” “It all starts with good daily habits.” These tips can help you love and care for your pet the way it deserves.

1. Every day, brush your cat.

If you brush or comb your cat every day, it will be less likely to get hairballs in its digestive tract. Because cats spend so much time grooming themselves, some owners might not know that brushing can help remove loose hair. Werber says that the best way to get a cat to let you brush it is to associate it with good things. He says, “Maybe you always brush your teeth before you eat.” “Then your cat will think of it as a tasty treat.”

2. Don’t give too much dry food to your cat

Cats can’t be vegetarians, even for short periods, which is different from dogs. Werber says that their diets are based on meat, and that meat should always be the main meal of the day. Give them proper cat food online. He warns that giving cats only dry food may cause them to eat too many carbohydrates, which can be bad for cats in large amounts. “We see cats get Type 2 diabetes and get fat because they eat too much dry food,” says Werber. If you have both a dog and a cat, it can be tempting to treat them the same. However, dog food is not good for cats, and a cat’s body can’t handle carbs the way a dog can.

3. Pay attention to how thirsty your pet is

Domestic cats came from cats that lived in the desert, so they don’t have the same thirst drive as dogs. Most of their water needs to come from the food they eat. In the wild, a cat might eat something like a mouse, which is about 70% water. Canned food, on the other hand, is 78% water. On average, only 5–10% of dry food is water. Make sure your cat always has access to fresh water. Cats may drink more when they are eating more dry food. Elderly cats and cats that are nursing are more likely to get dehydrated than other cats, so keep an eye out for signs like sunken eyes, tiredness, and panting.

4. Make sure there are enough litter boxes.

Werber says that a good rule of thumb for potty places is to have one litter box per cat plus one more. You should set up four boxes if you have three cats. You should give some thought to where those boxes go. People like to put the boxes in places that are out of the way, like the basement or a dark corner, but cats might not want to use them there. Werber says to think about how things are in nature. He says that when the animal is doing these things, it is in a dangerous position. “They want to be able to see where they are going.” Your pet may not want to use a box with a lid for the same reason.

5. Don’t assume you know why a cat is peeing outside the litter box.

The most frustrating thing for a cat owner is when Kitty doesn’t use the litter box and instead pees somewhere else in the house, usually on a favorite throw rug or brand-new armchair. What would make a cat act this way? Werber says, “There could be many reasons, and you want to rule out illness first.” Take your cat to the vet to see if it has a urinary tract infection or anything else that could be making it act differently.

Once you know your pet is not sick, make sure the litter box is clean and the way your pet likes it. Try out different kinds of litter to see if your pet prefers one over the others. Make sure the box is always clean: scoop it every day. Try moving the litter box to a place that is quieter (away from loud appliances) or that is easier for your cat to get to.

6. Teach your cat to use a cat tree.

Don’t you want your new couch to be full of holes? Teach your cat to use a scratching post instead of your furniture so it won’t damage it. Werber says that many owners make a mistake when they don’t know that they need to make the scratching post look good. “Start by putting it in the middle of the room, “he tells us. (Too many people put it in a corner far from where people are talking, which makes it easy for a cat to ignore.) The vet says to put catnip on the post when you first bring it home. Once your pet is used to using it, you can move it gradually to a less busy place and stop adding catnip.

7. Have your cat spayed or neutered

Werber says that spaying or neutering your cat is the best thing you can do for it in the long run. “When a female cat goes into heat, she is in a lot of pain “he adds. Getting your cat spayed or neutered can also help keep it safe. Male cats that haven’t been neutered will fight, which puts them at risk of contracting diseases from their bites and scratches. Even for female cats, things are not much better. Female cats can get pregnant as early as four months old, and it can be very stressful for them to mate and have multiple litters of kittens. This is on top of the stress that their owners feel when they go into heat. And since there are already hundreds of thousands of cats in shelters who don’t have homes. It’s best not to add to the number.

8. How to take your pet on a trip safely

Even if your cat seems to like being loose in the car, you shouldn’t do it. It takes the driver’s attention away, and if there’s an accident, the cat could become a dangerous projectile. Werber also says, “Never, ever leave your cat alone in a parked car.”” Even when it’s cooler and the windows are cracked, it doesn’t take long for a pet with fur to get too hot in a car. A cat can die in a warm car in just a few minutes. If you’re not going to bring your cat inside, leave it at home.

9. Choose a vet who likes cats.

Some veterinary offices are mostly used by dog owners, which can be scary for cats who have to spend a long time in the waiting room with all the dogs. “Try to find a vet with separate waiting rooms for cats and dogs,” “says Werber. Even though that’s the best way to do it, not all practices have room for that. Werber says that if your favorite vet only has one waiting room, at least ask to be taken to the exam room quickly.

10. Let them show what they can do!

When a cat loves you, it wants to show it. Sometimes it does this by giving you the catch of a good hunt. Werber says that people should accept the gifts with grace, even if they are kind of gross (hello, half-chewed mouse!). Your pet will also show you, love, by bumping its head into yours, purring, or rubbing its paws against you. Relax and take it all in.

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