11 Ways to Increase Revenue for Your Fitness Studio in 2023

11 Ways to Increase Revenue for Your Fitness Studio in 2023

A common mistake that gym owners make is focusing solely on attracting new members to their fitness studios. Although new members are always great to have, recurring revenue will also be made from your existing members.

Fitness member retention is invaluable because you’re asking members who already know and trust you to stay (instead of building trust with a brand new member). When people already trust your team and services, all you have to do is continue to improve their experience and be as creative as possible.

Here are the eleven best ways to retain members and increase revenue in your fitness studio in the future.

Best Fitness Member Retention Strategies for 2023

1. Offer something unique

If you have transitioned to a hybrid business model, you’ll know that finding your fitness niche and sticking with it is significant. This is because people look for their fitness studio’s customization and uniqueness. Don’t hesitate to give that to them.

2. Offer premium memberships

People feel comfortable paying for gym memberships. But that doesn’t mean you have to make yours a stock-standard offering. Try offering premium membership where members pay a higher price to receive exclusive group or individual sessions. Premium memberships could also include exclusive access to saunas, massages, etc.

3. Introduce additional revenue streams

Memberships bring in recurring revenue, the best revenue you can get. But also consider creating other fitness revenue streams. This could be anything from online fitness classes to virtual or in-person fitness workshops.

4. Consider bringing nutrition into the gym

Nutrition is directly related to members’ fitness goals and is often ignored. Why not introduce nutritional coaching and materials to gym members? An online library of materials and recipe books could work, and these can be sold alongside nutritional coaching sessions.

5. Change up membership durations

Most gym members are used to signing up for annual memberships. But flexible plans are also just as excellent. Some ideas include offering a six-month contract or a month-by-month membership. Flexibility allows people to choose what they want when they want it.

6. Offer personal training

Sometimes members get used to coming in, doing a cardio or muscle strengthening workout, and going home. But personal training can be valuable to every member, no matter their fitness goals. Try to promote personal training regimes and offer discounted rates to existing members.

7. Host outdoor fitness classes

Changing the fitness environment can be beneficial to members and trainers. Find a local park and try a group yoga class outdoors. It’s an additional revenue stream that benefits everyone. Outdoor sessions are also highly creative.

8. Promote fitness challenges

Everyone loves a challenge. Why not promote six-week fitness challenges? These can be tailored to members with transformational goals and people who want to see results in short bursts of time. Spin classes or aerobics work really well here.

9. Sell apparel

We’ve spoken about selling online classes and nutritional materials. But in addition to these, you can also sell apparel. This can be branded clothing, water bottles, and more. It’s a good idea to have these available at the gym and on your eCommerce website.

10. Partner up with small businesses

Let’s take an example: You may have a local business that sells organic and healthy juices. Speak to the owner and see if you can do a joint promotion to try and win each other’s customers. This is a simple yet effective local marketing strategy if done well.

11. Create personalized fitness messaging

With fitness management software, you can create personalized messaging for members. The software allows you to collect member data, analyze it, and send custom-made messaging to members. It’s an excellent way of communicating on a personal level with members, making them feel valued at your gym.


Fitness member retention is one of the greatest challenges for gym owners today. But if you offer unique products and services and constantly keep things fresh and personalized, you can stay ahead of the game. Give these strategies a try and elevate your fitness business in 2023.

Co-Founder, Gleantap & Mastera

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