2 effective ways to avoid being scammed by limousine drivers.

2 effective ways to avoid being scammed by limousine drivers.


The first question we ask ourselves upon arriving at the Niagara Falls airport limo in Canada: what’s the cost of a limousine ride to the town? What can I do to ensure that I’m not being cheated? In Canada, I could get the bus or request an Uber; however, is the possibility of getting scammed?

I often meet travelers who, weeks or even months after their arrival, still haven’t thought about paying a price that isn’t in any way to the rates that locals pay. But, some simple and practical tips enable you to get the best price without asking these questions. In this article, you’ll discover a strategy that allows you to pay the correct price before you leave the airport and avoid being misled by the other areas of the country you visit.

  • What is the best way to pay for the correct limousine cost when leaving the airport?
  • This service isn’t just for countries with developed economies.
  • What do you do when uber isn’t present?
  • Get in your limousine, tell the driver where you want to go, and then relax.

What is the best way to pay the correct cost for a limousine upon you leave the airport?

We depart the airport, staying clear of fake limousines, which hound us in every country when we get there. We got to the first line for official limousines, which was very long.

What do you do when Uber is not around?

The approach employed by Uber is efficient, but even though the app is available in 82 countries, it’s not available everywhere, and often you won’t be able to access it in all cities.

In this instance, there’s another effective method.

In the beginning, you must ask a trusted source to provide information about the operation of limousines throughout the country. If you are departing from the airport, you could send an email to ask the hotel you stay at before departure.

It is also possible to find this type of detail on travel websites or Facebook groups for travelers. The information you should request is:

  • Do limousines come with meters?
  • Is there a flat rate or a per-kilometer cost?
  • What is the average cost for the excursion?

With this information in your mind, there is no have to bargain or negotiate with your driver. Inquiring about the cost of the driver or negotiating with him are all ways of showing the driver that he doesn’t understand the rates or the cost of travel in your country.

It instantly makes you appear as an eminent scammer. It can put you in a less peaceful state of mind as a possible victim.

Get in your Niagara Falls limousine, tell the driver where you want to go, and have a blast.

In this way, you are showing the driver your knowledge of the country and are aware of the amount you will need to pay for your trip.

The French are very tolerant. Canada, when you travel in an automobile or to a restaurant, you do not ask for the price because you know them: You trust your abilities and fellow travelers.

There’s no need to try to get a price. There is no one else bargaining. The same applies when you travel.

It is possible to follow the steps you’d take in Canada to be sure:

Do not get sleeping in the back of a limousine.

Check the counter.

Make sure you take the exact amount of the entire run. You’ll avoid being snubbed by the time you receive changes.

The last tip, before leaving, downloads your free map. Me application on your mobile. It’s a GPS that is offline. However, buying local chips makes the data more trustworthy.

My friend David demonstrated this to me in Colombia. If you travel in limousines, it permits you to show your location on a map, as well as the distance. The limousine knows that he cannot tell you the truth.

When the race is over and you have the race’s start time, you can check on the GPS whether the driver is heading in the correct direction. Likewise, if he doesn’t know the exact route, you can let him know.

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