22 Adsense Mistakes People Make While Applying

22 Adsense Mistakes People Make While Applying

Yes If You are working hard and uploading  good content too then you deserve Google AdSense Approval but it does not mean that you violate its policies and terms and conditions.

It is a platform for making money for hard workers but don’t ever mess with it otherwise it will throw your hard work into the dustbin. In this article we will talk about the most common mistakes people make while applying for AdSense


1. Money Money And Money



It is the biggest mistake people make which results in their failure at the end. Don’t always think about money, first focus on your content and ask a question to yourself, is my content worth making money?

If your content is very useful to the readers then AdSense is definitely made for you.


Now if you are uploading  good content and your site is new then don’t think about money just work on your site. when it gets fully developed with good articles and a sufficient amount of traffic after that a time comes and at that time you have to think about money. You have to think about making maximum money from your site because most people among us do blogging for just money and I am among them too but I started my work with patience and you need keep patience too if you want to earn something


2. Fast Traffic Mistake


This is one of the common mistakes which people of Asia make. When they see zero traffic in their sites then they worry about it and get demotivated and they start dragging traffic from social media like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Yes this method increases the traffic by a huge amount but it has its faults too. It will either make your site spam in the eyes of google or it will provide you a notice of ad limit or AdSense disable.


You can bring some traffic from social media but only after your site has a huge amount of organic search traffic. Organic search traffic means that traffic which comes directly from google or other search engines without any force. For this type of traffic you have to wait and keep patience and you have to work on keywords while writing your article. Start focusing on low competition keywords and also check what your competitors are writing because you have to be one step ahead from them.


3. YouTube Traffic Mistake


Some people who have their own YouTube channel paste the link of their site in the description box and ask people to visit their site. Before 2 years it was ok but now google doesn’t accept it. If You drag most of the traffic from YouTube then google will declare it as invalid traffic and it can provide you an ad limit notice or it can disable your AdSense account too.


Some people who don’t have their YouTube channel they go to the YouTube and past their site link into the comments of other YouTube channels and ask people to visit their site, remember it is same as the youtubers do and google can also provide you an ad limit notice or it can disable your AdSense account.

If you have a lot of organic traffic then you can bring some traffic from there but not the maximum


4. Page Creation


People don’t make the essential pages like Privacy policy, terms & conditions, about and contact us on their sites and hence AdSense disapprove their request by giving an error of valuable inventory under construction . So if you want AdSense approval you need to create these pages for your website and without these pages forget about AdSense.


5. Copyrighted Material


People who start blogging copy images of others and then upload to their website. By this act you will never get an approval of AdSense. Google AdSense will reject your application and will give you an error of scraped content. So avoid this mistake. You can use copyright free images in blogger. Click the link below if you want to know how to download copyright free images


Pro Tips To Download Copyright Free Images, Videos and Music


6. Content Of No Use


Some new bloggers start uploading content of no value and google rejects their AdSense application and shows an error of NO VALUE CONTENT. You have to upload the content which is useful and for which people are searching on the internet. We can’t upload some content which the internet doesn’t require. Use keyword research tools and investigate the keyword on which you are going to write your article.


7. Study Material


If you are a student and you want to upload your study material on your website like handwritten notes, MCQs, PDFs, copied material of other books etc then there are 99.9% chances that google will reject your AdSense application. So If you are thinking about uploading study material then forget AdSense.


8. Broken Links


Sometimes our site contains a lot of broken links and these broken links can become harmful for you. You need to remove these broken links.



use this website and the broken links of your site and remove them as soon as possible because sometimes it becomes the reason for AdSense rejection


9. Misleading Words


Avoid using some misleading words in your articles like do-wn-load, p-o-rn, s-ex, etc

These words sometimes become the reason for AdSense rejection. You need to write a neat and clean article without any policy violation


10. Misleading Links


Sometimes people use links which redirect the users to some different misleading sites like movie do-wnlo-ad pages, po-rn sites etc. This is totally violation of Google’s policies and by this way you will not get AdSense approval. And by chance if you got the approval your AdSense will be disabled later on. So you need to avoid these mistakes


11. After AdSense Policy Violation


People first get AdSense approval on neat and clean content and after that they start policy violation of google AdSense by providing misleading links, uploading of copyright content, dragging excessive social media traffic etc

All these acts will put you in harm and these acts will disable your google AdSense account. So don’t make these mistakes after AdSense approval


12. Sitemap and robots.txt


After writing articles we need to submit them in google search console for indexing on google search engine. In google search console sometimes we don’t submit sitemap properly and this results in an indexing problem.


If our articles don’t get indexed then they will not appear in google search engine and hence there will be no traffic and also AdSense will reject your application by showing an error of no content.


So first generate a proper sitemap for your site and then submit the same in google search console. Also we make some mistakes in custom robots header tags and this causes the errors in indexing of our content. If you need any help regarding these you can contact


13. Theme or Template selection


If you are using the basic themes of blogger then they will work fine. But these themes come with limited features so sometimes we feel that there is a need of changing the theme or template and then we buy a low quality theme which is not AdSense friendly or in other words AdSense face some problem while showing ads on these themes and they will send you an error of under construction or navigation error. So first research and then choose a template for your site


14. Clicking your own ads


when we get AdSense approval there we don’t earn so much from this because of low traffic and hence we get demotivated and we start searching our own site on different browsers and then click on our own ads and hence AdSense mark this activity as invalid clicks and if you do excess of it AdSense can permanently ban our account. So you should avoid this activity if you want to keep your account safe because google knows everything about us. It knows about our internet connection and our location too so, you have to be careful


15. Help Me My Friend


In the starting days of AdSense approval we told our friends and family members to see our ads and also to click on our ads but this is a policy violation and google knows about it. Google can disable your AdSense account anytime because of this activity and if you want to remain in a safe circle then avoid this mistake. Keep patience and upload good content you will earn by your own one day


16. VPN Use


We already know that if we get traffic from USA like countries then our CPC will touch the sky. And to gain a huge income we sometimes use VPN and visit our site to click on the ads. And google knows about it so the result of this activity gets declared very soon in the shape of ad limit or permanently disable of AdSense account.


Don’t ever mess with google otherwise it will mess with you


17. Less content


After creating a site we write a few articles and then submit our site to google AdSense. And after some days google AdSense shows us an error of no content or under construction error. So you need to cross the minimum post criteria for the AdSense approval. I got approval on 6 articles click the link below to know about my journey



18. Watching Your Own Ads


When we get approval then we visit our site and start watching our own ads and if you do this continuously google will declare it invalid impressions and can result in ad limit or AdSense disable like disasters

If you want to visit your site, visit it in preview mode or use a browser which has ad block-like features like brave browser. Because ad block featured browser will not show you ads and hence there will be no negative impact on your site


19. More Than One AdSense Account


Sometimes we create many AdSense accounts and google totally doesn’t allow a person to create more than one account. If you have more than one AdSense accounts then just delete those and keep only one and connect that with your site otherwise it will show an error of duplicate accounts.


If you have a need of many AdSense accounts then create an account on the name of family members but don’t use that account on your phone even do not login with that Gmail in your mobile or laptop because google will detect it


20. Word Limit


Google has kept a minimum word eligibility for articles. You need to write an article with at least 300 words. Otherwise AdSense will show you some error on applying.


Remember if you write an article of 300 words then you have to write more than 45 articles on your site and then you will be eligible for google AdSense. I will suggest you to write minimum 1000 word articles and in this way you need around 20 articles in your site to become eligible for AdSense

21. Placing Too Many Ads

New AdSense approved sites make this mistake

If you are making this mistake then you need to stop it. Placing too many ads on your home page or articles will increase your income but simultaneously it will slow down the speed of your website and which will create indexing problem and hence your articles will not get indexed on google which ultimately decrease your traffic. Decreasing of traffic means decrease income. So I will suggest you place ads according to article length

22. Devil Friends

Some people don’t like our success and same is the case here when we get approval from Google AdSense then we share our site with some friends. When they hear that we are making money from AdSense they get jealous, in other words they don’t like our progress. They start visiting our site and click ads continuously and by this act of theirs we get ad limit or sometimes our account gets blocked too


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