3 details to pay attention to when staying in a hotel, why boil water and pour it into the toilet? Tourist: Just do it

3 details to pay attention to when staying in a hotel, why boil water and pour it into the toilet? Tourist: Just do it

Nowadays, staying in a hotel is a very common thing. Many people choose to stay in a hotel when they travel or go out for business. In particular, hotels in some tourist attractions are even more popular. But most people don’t know what details to pay attention to when staying in a hotel, and many people even treat the hotel as casually as staying in their own home towels. If you think the same way, then you must be careful. After all, the turnover rate of people is very high, and it is impossible to determine whether the last guest is a healthy person, and even the hotel can not guarantee that they are really cleaned. Thoroughly clean. So when you stay in a hotel, you must do these three things, especially the last one  Save money with travelodge discount code


carefully check whether there is a camera. The most terrifying thing about staying in a hotel is probably being secretly photographed. There are many unscrupulous people who will install cameras in the hotel in order to gain benefits. So when you check into a hotel, the first thing to do is to carefully check whether there are cameras in the hotel. You can turn off all the lights in the room first, then take out your mobile phone to take pictures, don’t let any corner of the room be missed. If there are no red lights in the photo, it means there are no cameras in the hotel. Everyone must do this. Don’t be lazy, or your privacy will be leaked, and you will lose your own people.


don’t use the towels in the hotel. Many people don’t care too much about the things in the hotel when they stay in the hotel. They feel that they must be clean and can be used with confidence. But in fact, the towels placed in the bathroom are used by many people. Although the hotel will clean it, there will still be some tenacious bacteria and viruses left on it, and the high temperature will not kill it. So the towels in the hotel are very dirty, even if it presents you with a very clean feeling, you can’t see its dirtyness with the naked eye. So everyone must not be lazy, you can bring your own disposable towels, otherwise if you use the towels in the hotel, if you get sick for no reason, you will lose more than the gain.  Don’t miss travelodge discount code nhs


use boiling water to soak the toilet The last thing is that everyone must use the hotel’s kettle to boil water and then pour it on the toilet to clean the toilet. There are two advantages to doing this. The first is that boiling hot water with a kettle can kill the bacteria in the kettle, so that when you are thirsty at night, you can directly use the kettle to boil hot water for drinking. Don’t worry about how dirty it is, because when you boil water with a kettle, you have already killed all the bacteria in it. The second point is that watering the toilet with boiling water can sterilize the toilet, so that our skin will not be easily infected with bacteria when it comes into contact with it.

Did you pay attention to these points when you stayed at the hotel? Please be sure to do it. Many tourists say that knowing that they are responsible for themselves is also a kind of responsibility  The best websites provide fantastic Travelodge voucher code NHS, Booking.com Voucher Code NHS, and Travelodge Discount Code NHS


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