3 Perfect Occasions to Gift Inflatable Paddleboards

3 Perfect Occasions to Gift Inflatable Paddleboards

Everyone needs an inflatable paddle board in their life. As a paddle boarder yourself, you’ve probably looked for all kinds of ways to get friends, family, and others out on the water. Of course, the best way to encourage people to enjoy some time on the water is to give the gift of an inflatable paddle board! There are all kinds of occasions you might want to get someone a paddle board. From birthdays to holidays to graduations to weddings, inflatable paddleboards make great gifts. If you’re looking for a few more reasons to give a loved one an inflatable SUP board, read on. Here are three perfect reasons to give the gift of inflatable paddleboards.

They’ve Been Dropping Hints

This may be the simplest reason to give someone a paddle board. Maybe a friend’s birthday is coming up. Perhaps, a family member is dropping hints for the holiday season. You might hear phrases like, “I sure miss being out on the water.” Or, “I should spend more time outdoors and at the lake.” They might even be bold enough to say, “I wish I had a paddle board.” That makes your gift-giving decision easy.

Listen for cues that suggest they want to spend more time outside, being active. Inflatable paddleboards are the perfect way to get people into the great outdoors for all sorts of fun. Even in the fall and winter, paddle boards make excellent gifts. Paddle boarding in cooler weather can be just as much fun as soaking up the summer sun. Plus, they’ll be pro paddlers ready for spring paddle boarding season when it rolls around.

Score Inflatable Paddleboards On Sale

Like everything else, inflatable paddleboards go on sale from time to time. You might find an “end of summer” sale or a sale to welcome the fall season. And you can be sure there will be sales going into the holiday season and during the winter, which is traditionally the paddle boarding off-season.

When sales pop up, it’s the perfect time to find the right inflatable SUP for a friend or family member. You can get them the right board suited to meet their needs without breaking the bank. You can even find a new one for yourself if you’ve been looking for the right time to upgrade!

At the same time, SUP sales are a great chance to stock up on a few accessories. Does your gift recipient enjoy fishing? Get them some SUP board fishing accessories, like a fishing rod holder. Thinking about planning some SUP trips for next spring or summer? Get a cooler they can strap to the back of their paddle board.

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You Want More Paddle Boarding Buddies

Who doesn’t want more paddle boarding friends? Maybe there’s someone in your life you want to spend more time with, but they don’t have a paddle board yet. Why not get them an inflatable SUP board? They can enjoy a new board, and you get another SUP buddy! Maybe it’s someone who hasn’t necessarily dropped hints about wanting paddle board, but you know they’d love one.

Giving the gift of an inflatable SUP is a great way to foster friendships and relationships. It gives others a new way to explore the great outdoors and gives you more opportunities to spend quality time with friends. So, the next time you want to hit the lake, you can ask if they want to come along—with their new paddle board!


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