4 Benefits Of Including Plant Based Biotin In Your Diet

4 Benefits Of Including Plant Based Biotin In Your Diet

Biotin is also known as vitamin H is part of B-complex vitamins and is a water-soluble vitamin. Like all B-complex vitamins, it converts food or carbs into glucose or energy. Most people eating a well-balanced diet can get the daily requirement of biotin through food sources. Food sources rich in biotin are lentils, spinach, wheat or oats, egg yolk, and rice.

However, since our body does not store it, some people may be deficient in vitamin- H or biotin. In such a case, taking plant-based biotin supplements can help you fulfill this nutrient deficiency in your body.

Why do you need vitamin H or biotin?

Plant-based biotin is essential as it can:

  • Metabolize fats, carbs, and amino acids into energy
  • Strengthen nails and hair


A biotin deficiency can look like: (it is rare)

  • Numbness
  • Tingling in the extremities
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Red rashes around the eyes
  • Fungal infections
  • Brittle hair


Thus, if you are on a diet or feel your body is not absorbing biotin through food sources, add plant-based biotin to your diet. Hair biotin supplements are already popular and many people swear by them for their luscious thick hair.


Benefits for biotin


Benefit 1: It helps in managing diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that many people are suffering from. Some studies show that plant-based biotin can help regulate blood sugar levels. Thus, you should start eating plant-based biotin supplements or include biotin-rich food if you are suffering from diabetes or if diabetes runs in your family. Also, biotin can help with diabetic neuropathy, which may affect the functioning of your nerves.


Benefit 2: It helps with your hair health

Women experiencing hair fall or other hair issues will benefit from including natural hair biotin in their diet. Plant based biotin can help women who are facing hair thinning, especially in the upper scalp area. Moreover, biotin helps produce keratin, which helps your hair grow, become shiny, and get a good texture.


Benefit 3: It improves your skin and strengthens nails

Some studies show the proven effect of biotin on nails and skin. A diet rich in biotin will help you grow nails faster and keep them smooth. Say goodbye to brittle nails with plant-based biotin.

Also, biotin or vitamin-H is essential for smooth skin by hydrating it well and who does not want younger-looking radiant skin?


Benefit 4: It is essential for pregnant women

Pregnant women often suffer from biotin deficiency. Thus, they must include food rich in the same in their diet. Otherwise, fetus development may suffer. Moreover, if your doctor agrees, you can take plant based biotin supplements.


Foods rich in biotin

It is always good to get your nutrients from food as much as you can. Here are the best sources of biotin-rich food.


  • Egg yolks

An egg is rich in protein, everyone knows that. But did you know that egg yolk is a rich source of complex vitamin B? Thus, it has a high content of biotin, and cooking a whole egg will give you a good amount of vitamin H.


  • Legumes

Looking for plant-based biotin sources of food? Then, legumes like soybeans and peanuts are your best bet. These two have the highest amount of biotin when it comes to legumes. All other legumes like peas or lentils also have biotin. It also has protein, phosphorus, and other nutrients.


  • Seeds and nuts

Do you eat soaked almonds every day? Yes? Good, keep it up as they can provide you with 5% of the daily biotin value. Other nuts and seeds, like sunflower seeds too, are high in biotin. Though, their nutritional value regarding biotin may differ.


  • Liver

Our liver stores biotin (as much as it can). Thus, biotin is a rich source of biotin. You can choose between many animal liver, like chicken and it will undoubtedly be high in biotin.

Biotin is essential for a lot of things but thick hair takes the top place. If you are struggling with dull and brittle hair without any cause, try taking hair biotin supplement. These should be natural and certified. Also, do add biotin-rich food sources in your diet for overall development. Talk to your dietitian before making any extreme or massive changes to your diet.



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