4 Myths Attached to Lithium Ion Battery Powered Inverters You Should Stop Believing in

4 Myths Attached to Lithium Ion Battery Powered Inverters You Should Stop Believing in

Power outages last a long time and are common in India. In fact, it affects every region of the country, including the largest cities and metropolitan areas. However, our reliance on electricity makes it difficult to get through a day without using our electronic devices. As a result, almost every home has power backup options installed.

Because of its usefulness and efficiency, an inverter is one of the most popular power backup options. Inverters for homes ensure the safe and efficient operation of electrical equipment while also providing power backup. While numerous inverter options are available on the market, the lithium ion battery powered inverter is quickly gaining popularity.

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Lithium ion battery powered inverter is an excellent choice for homes and offices because they are powering future technology. A lithium battery stores energy by reversibly reducing lithium ions. This is why a rechargeable lithium battery is an excellent option. Inverters with lithium ion batteries are the way to go if you want a futuristic power backup unit with all the bells and whistles that come with next-generation technologies.

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of lithium ion battery powered inverters and are considering purchasing one for your home or office, there are a few myths attached to lithium ion batteries that are very commonly believed. However, these myths are far from true, and you should steer clear of them. Let’s look at them in a bit more detail.

Myth 1: Lithium ion battery powered inverters should not be charged unless they are fully discharged.

Fact: This is one of the most common myths that seems to have infected the minds of most people who use lithium-ion batteries. Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Waiting until the battery is completely depleted before recharging does not guarantee improved performance. In fact, it reduces the battery’s effectiveness over time. Keep in mind that all batteries have a limited number of charge cycles, and waiting for the battery to be completely discharged counts as a full charge cycle. As a result, it is best not to wait until the battery is completely depleted before charging it back up to full capacity.

Myth 2: If a lithium ion battery powered inverter is left plugged in for too long, it will overcharge. 

Fact: This is another myth. Batteries built with older technologies were prone to overheating when left unplugged for an extended period. However, lithium ion batteries are designed to stop charging once they are fully charged. This means that when the charging level of your battery reaches 100%, the charging process stops automatically, and the power supply to the battery is cut off.

Myth 3: Battery-powered equipment can’t withstand climate fluctuations.

Fact: Some people find the idea of batteries being able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions incomprehensible. People who work outside require a solution that can withstand a wide range of seasonal elements, which combustion engines have proven to be capable of for many years. Neglecting battery power, on the other hand, would be a mistake.

Lithium ion battery powered inverters are developed to withstand harsh environmental elements, greatly improving their durability and ruggedness. While extreme heat and cold, as well as strong vibrations and moisture exposure, can be disruptive to battery power, they do not prevent batteries from delivering optimal power performance.

Myth 4: With new technologies, lithium ion battery powered inverters would become a thing of the past.

While it is true that post-lithium technologies such as sodium-ion and aluminium-air batteries have a lot of potential, the majority of highly funded next-generation companies that focus on solid-state batteries have lithium at the centre of their strategy. The reason is simple: lithium, the lightest metal known to man, also occupies the extreme-left position in the periodic table, making it an ideal candidate for transferring electricity between electrodes. The next big breakthrough in battery technology could still include lithium.

Among all these myths, one fact that prevails is that you must opt for reliable and trusted manufacturers such as Luminous. Luminous offers some of the best lithium ion battery powered inverters in the market that are built with the best technology and offer excellent quality without casting a hole in your pocket. Check out their website to learn more about their products.


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