4 Reasons to Add Glycolic Body Wash to Your Skincare Routine

4 Reasons to Add Glycolic Body Wash to Your Skincare Routine

Beauty consumers are always looking for the next big thing in skincare. There are thousands of products designed to shield skin from harsh weather, fight off free radicals, and stave off stubborn acne. Among those products, “cosmeceuticals” like glycolic acid can be an amazing way to promote healthier, more radiant-looking skin. Best of all, it can be found in a variety of skincare serums, lotions, and body washes. Here are some of the top reasons you should add cosmeceuticals like glycolic body wash to your everyday skincare routine.

Cosmeceuticals Are a Step Above Your Average Skincare Products

If you buy a lot of skincare products, you might have heard the term “cosmeceuticals” being thrown around. It’s a combination of the words “cosmetics” and “pharmaceuticals,” and these products have grown quite popular. This is because cosmeceuticals contain something called “active ingredients.” These ingredients are designed with a specific purpose. Some help restore your skin’s youthful glow. Others might go a bit further, helping your skin restore itself. Since there are a wide variety of skincare concerns you may want to address, you might have different products for different things. These include anti-aging, UV protection, acne, and more.

Glycolic Acid Gives Your Skin a Healthy-Looking Glow

Cosmeceuticals like glycolic acid can have a variety of benefits. Derived from sugarcane, it’s one of the more popular alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), as it’s great for removing the buildup of dead skin cells. This is because glycolic acid penetrates much deeper into the skin than other acids. It works to refine your skin’s texture and accelerate natural exfoliation, giving your skin a radiant and healthy-looking glow. As a result, these products are a popular choice for professional spa treatments and at-home skincare products.


Your Pores Will Thank You

Those suffering from blackheads or enlarged pores have another reason to love glycolic acid. It can do wonders for clearing away excess oil from your skin. Oil can mix with dirt, makeup, and other debris inside your pores, causing them to become clogged. Your pores may then appear stretched, and a blackhead can form. Glycolic acid can help sweep away dead skin cells, excess oil, and other debris that have found their way into your pores. This helps refine the look of your complexion, with the added benefit of making your pores appear smaller.

Glycolic Body Wash Is Great for Back Acne

Anyone with acne-prone skin knows the struggle of getting rid of acne completely. Facial treatments are one thing, but when acne travels down your body, it can be challenging to manage. There are many everyday factors that can irritate the skin on your back and cause breakouts. Thus, one of the best things about glycolic body wash is how effective it can be for addressing stubborn back acne, or “bacne.” Glycolic acid is a chemical superstar when it comes to exfoliation. Thanks to its smaller molecular size and weight, it’s able to quickly penetrate the skin in all the hard-to-reach places on your back and lower back. Best of all, it’s gentle enough for most skin types, even those with sensitive skin. By pairing glycolic acid with your everyday shower routine, you can effectively banish back acne from your mind for good.

About Institut’ DERMed®

In 1994, master aesthetician Lyn Ross launched the renowned Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare line. This innovative active cosmeceuticals line quickly won acclaim in the industry due to its formulation from a full spectrum of the finest quality natural skincare ingredients. Institut’ DERMed proudly offers industry-leading retail skincare products for home and professional use only. They also specialize in personalized treatment plans and products designed for sensitive and acne-prone skin, skin brightening, and skin aging management. Experience the Institut’ DERMed Spa in Atlanta, Georgia, celebrating 33 years of offering the finest skincare products and services, from their glycolic body wash to dermaplaning treatments with a professional dermaplaning kit. If you’re a professional esthetician, make the most of industry-leading courses in-person or online. Ross also founded the esteemed Institut’ DERMed College of Advanced Aesthetics in 1995 to train licensed skincare professionals.

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