5 Benefits for Oversease Pakistanis

5 Benefits for Oversease Pakistanis

Millions of Oversease Pakistanis migrate to other countries in search of better prospects, yet when it comes to investing their savings or safeguarding an asset, they prefer to stay in Pakistan. To make Pakistanis living abroad feel appreciated, the government has invested a lot of resources in launching various platforms and facilities.

As a Pakistani ex-pat, you have access to many services and resources that can help you return to your homeland. 



A cadastral mapping programme protects overseas Pakistanis’ land

As a result of numerous government initiatives, Pakistanis living outside the country now have easier access to various services. In return for receiving billions of rupees in remittances, the government gains access to a wealth of options for non-resident Pakistanis to establish assets and engage in Pakistani businesses.

The government recently started the cadastral mapping of Pakistan programme through which expatriate Pakistanis will directly profit. 


There have been several problems faced by Pakistanis living abroad, including property conflicts, utility concerns, and financial issues. The government saw the need for a place where these foreigners could go to voice their concerns about these kinds of problems. These expatriates can voice their concerns through the Punjab Overseas Pakistani Commission.

Among the commission’s responsibilities are ensuring the welfare of Pakistanis living outside the country, guarding their land against speculators, and facilitating their investment.

The provincial government has established the Abroad Pakistanis Commission App to make it easier for overseas Pakistanis to access their land records and obtain property paperwork. 


The Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) IRIS site can now be used by NRPs to file income tax returns. The FBR has devised a URL for NRPs to file their tax returns online due to their past difficulties.


Through Roshan Digital Account, Pakistanis who are not citizens of Pakistan can now open bank accounts at Pakistani national banks (RDA). The RDA’s features include opening an account from afar, no minimum balance requirement, traditional banking services, virtual debit cards using technology for domestic and international use, and two account opening currency options (USD and PKR).

Roshan Digital Account allows Pakistanis living abroad to pay their bills and other financial transactions.


Because they can now use their own money or bank financing, Roshan Apna Ghar is a game-changing programme for non-residents. Due to ex-pats purchasing homes with conventional bank financing or shariah-compliant financing, foreign investment in Pakistan will expand. The Roshan Apna Ghar programme, implemented by eight different banks, now offers home loan options.


However, To help the families of Pakistani expatriates, the government has developed the Roshan Apni Car programme, which allows them to purchase cars at lower financing rates. In contrast to other buyers, the NRPs will have access to financing at a far lower rate of 7 per cent. Roshan Apni Car’s blog includes all the information you need about financing alternatives, eligibility requirements, required paperwork, and the minimum monthly income required to apply.


However, The private sector is also working hard to create safe and secure investment options for Pakistanis living abroad, even while the state sector improves. However, Real estate is one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing industries, and investment is expanding daily. A growing number of new development projects have been geared toward attracting foreign investors. Because of the high potential and interest they have in the area.

The Property Sales Event in Dubai, which occurs periodically, is a venue where Pakistanis living abroad can meet developers and property professionals. 

However, Overseas Pakistanis should take advantage of the current performance of the business and the availability of profitable projects to diversify their investment portfolios. Investing in a good place like the Rudn Enclave Housing Society is the best option for overseas Pakistanis.

However, The lack of housing in Pakistan has prompted an upsurge in demand for high-quality residential developments. Developers are filling the void with new, high-quality projects. But as prices rise, so are the profits for buyers and investors alike.

According to the Federal Reserve, several projects have been registered with the FBR and do not require proof of revenue. As a result, these projects offer a unique chance for foreign investors to invest in safe, secure, and well-performing projects that require minimal paperwork.

Overseas Pakistanis might benefit from the weakening rupee by paying less in US dollars for real estate. To aid their nation’s economy, Pakistanis living abroad should utilise their Roshan Digital Accounts to make real estate investments here in Pakistan.



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