5 E-Learning Content Ideas That Growing Educational Platforms Should Try!

5 E-Learning Content Ideas That Growing Educational Platforms Should Try!

In the past few years, the number of e-learners has increased frantically as the number of online learning platforms has grown. The e-learning portals have been designed and developed to meet the growing expectations of every learner. These leading educational platforms hire e-learning web and app developers to facilitate technical advancements. IT companies with expertise in software and module development provide full-fledged help including e-learning content design solutions.

As a digital learning platform, you must provide relevant and engaging content that captures a learner’s attention. In this post, we will follow a quick rundown of the productive content design ideas that can add up to the engagement facet of an e-learning portal.

What is E-Learning Content?

E-learning content is online content that meets the needs of each learner in various forms like video lectures, course slides, workshops, and more. Today, there is a giant spike in the number of digital learners pursuing education online. The overall size of the global e-learning market is anticipated to be $325 Billion by 2025.

In 2020, digital learning got a subtle rise due to the pandemic. However, it has been seen that most of the students continue to take online classes after the pandemic.

Types of E-Learning Content

There is a heap of information on the internet, but the digital learning course is far better and goal-oriented. E-learning content aims to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and performance after completion of the course. Here are the different types of online learning content that you can offer on your platform:

  1. Quizzes

Quizzes are one of the most engaging ways of connecting learners. It allows you to keep track of your student’s knowledge and ensure that the learning objectives are being met. They are an interactive way of breaking up the content of your course modules and teaching critical topics in a fun way. Therefore, a learner feels a sense of progression within your training module.

If you would like to offer constructive quizzes on your learning platform, contact a company that provides e-learning content design solutions.

  1. Training Video Content

Most students today consider learning through video content. It is the most popular form of learning because of engaging textual and image content. A few methods of employing video content in your digital learning portal are webinars, training videos, embedded videos, and more. However, the video content should not be lengthier than 5-7 minutes. Otherwise, the students will tend to lose interest.

  1. PowerPoint Courses

PowerPoint or Slideshare courses are the types of content that captivate a learner’s attention with interactive units and other multimedia elements. This kind of content is preferable in different situations. For example, if you offer offline class content in an online format or need to discuss a new product. While making slide-based courses, you need to ensure they are not monotonous. Otherwise, the course will fail to engage learners.

If you have an online learning portal and need e-learning content design solutions to add this type of course, then hire an education development company.

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  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are a series of digital audio files that one can listen to or download with the help of the internet. Recently, Podcasts have gained vast popularity among the youth. Earlier podcasts were of certain kinds, but now they are used in every sphere. Now, many e-learning portals are using podcasts for imparting knowledge to learners.

It is easily accessible and 24/7 available, so a student can listen and learn anytime. Podcasts are great for transmitting particular skills that revolve around motivation, mindset, and other soft skills. To ensure that your learning platform offers this type of content, you must consider e-learning content design solutions for professional assistance.

  1. Blog Posts

Blog Posts are an excellent substitute for a traditional textbook. But it is much shorter and compact when it comes to learning content. These posts or articles may include graphs and charts to make them more understandable. You can teach crucial topics through these blog posts. It is one of the simplest forms of sharing information.

Last Thoughts on Types of E-Learning Content

Every e-learning platform aims to escalate the knowledge and skills of a learner using the best methods possible. For this, it is vital to present content in a way that is easily understandable and retainable. In this post, we have shared the methods that you can use to provide a streamlined education to students. You can either offer one of these content individually or all of them collectively to ensure a natural flow of learning.

For employing e-learning content design solutions on your portal, you can hire an online learning platform development company. Edquor is one of the fastest-growing e-learning platforms that reshaped remote education. We understand the need for technological advancements in the education domain and provide reliable & cost-effective e-learning solutions.


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