5 Fashion Shoes from the ‘90s That Are Making a Comeback

5 Fashion Shoes from the ‘90s That Are Making a Comeback

No, you didn’t just get out of a time machine. But what you’re seeing is true. ’90s fashion is making a comeback in a big way. Fanny packs are back. Bucket hats are everywhere. Cargo pants have smartphones in their pockets instead of flip phones (though those seem to be making a comeback too). Furthermore, ’90s fashion shoes are making a comeback. Put them on, and you’ll be listening to punk and dying your hair in no time. In addition, you’ll have some of the coolest shoes on the streets. Here are five pairs of ‘90s-style shoes you need this year.

Strappy Sandals Are the Perfect ’90s Fashion Shoes

The strap is back. Strappy sandals are a fun ’90s style that deserves a comeback. They are the right amount of fun, feminine, and flirty. There’s no such thing as too many straps, so pick the style that looks the best for you. Whether they go all the way up to your calf, gladiator style, or just crisscross your foot, you have plenty of options. Pair them with a ’90s prep style for an exciting look you’ll love to flaunt everywhere.

Neon Heels Add a Splash of Color Straight Out of the ’90s

Fashion shoes don’t have to be neutral colors. In fact, if you’re throwing it back to the 90s, they shouldn’t be. After all, neon heels can be one of the best ways to add some vintage color to your style. Neon pink pumps or lime green platforms can instantly throw any look back a few decades. Certainly, they look just as good with a mini skirt as they do with baggy jeans and a graphic tee. You’ll be looking fly in no time.

Jelly Sandals Channel a Fun and Playful Vibe

Just like slap bracelets and the side ponytail, jelly sandals are making a huge comeback. One of the most playful fashion shoes from the decade, jelly sandals show off your fun side. You might have owned a pair back then. You might not have. Either way, you need some now. There are plenty of different colors so that you can pick your favorite. If you want even more pizazz with your look, find some jelly sandals decorated with faux jewels or pearls. Nothing screams the ’90s like a pair of jelly sandals that look ready for the dance floor. Throw on a neon rain jacket, and you’ve got the complete look.

Fluffy Slides Keep You Laid-Back and Stylish

’90s kids weren’t, and still aren’t, afraid of casual style. Who wouldn’t want to rock slides that look fashionable and feel laid-back? The styles of the ‘90s shattered many notions about what fashion should and shouldn’t be. Today, people are coming back to this revolutionary way of thinking. With fluffy slides, you’re looking good and feeling good simultaneously. They aren’t slippers. You can pair them with jeans and shorts for party-ready casual looks.

Combat Boots Can Help You Rock Out

Punk rock never really died, and neither did the style that ’90s punk created. Combat boots are an integral part of these looks. They add an edge to your style that just can’t be matched. They tell the world that you aren’t afraid to take your own path. Your boots will be able to handle anything you have to go through. While you’re head banging and jumping around, combat boots will be your best friend. Basically, they pull together ripped jeans, baggy tees, and spike bracelets like no other shoes can. To that end, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the ’90s, listening to your favorite band rock out like nobody else can.

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