6 easy hacks to keep your car interior clean

6 easy hacks to keep your car interior clean

Don’t you just hate it when your car’s interior is so messy that you want to scream? And when it’s time to vacuum and end up with a film of dust covering the floor again in under an hour? We’ve got some great tips for how to keep your car clean, whether you have a small car or SUV. With these easy hacks, the inside of your car will be in great shape — and not look like a trash truck.

1. Utilize organizers to store stuff –

The most easiest thing you can do to keep your car clean is to simply use a spot for each item you have that you don’t want rolling around the car. Use a big plastic storage bin for things like phones, makeup bags and toiletries, or some other form of storage organizer.

For example, most people use one in the back seat of their car that has even more little drawers than the usual aspirin bottles in the compartments, plus they also have one decked out in hooks full of hair bands and other bits and pieces carted through the day.

2. Use vacuum cleaner –

You should use a vacuum cleaner, to make sure that the front and back seats are clean. Most vacuums have a crevice tool with bristles on one side and a brush on the other. The bristles grab stuff you normally can’t get to and then you can use the brush to make sure it’s really clean.

Alternatively, if you think you can’t clean the car, you can always contact a car repair shop and let them clean your car if they provide any service like that.

3. Clean Up Messes Right When They Happen –

Don’t just think, “Oh, I’ll get it later.” Right away, clean up any sticky mess with a paper towel. As leaving any dirt or spills will only makes cleaning harder at later point of time.


If you want to make the interior of your car smell lovely, use an air freshner that is designed for cars.

5. Clean Your Shoes Before Sitting in Car –

Cleaning shoes before entering the car is a very useful tip. Dirty shoes on carpets or floor mats will just fill the interior of the car up with dirt, and that means when you get in next time, your shoes will be just one big mess. Also, make sure your shoes are clean before sitting in the car at all!

6. Clean With Vinegar –

Have you heard of vinegar? It’s a great natural cleaning product with many different uses: deodorizing, stain removal, and even disinfectant. You can use it to get rid of some of the stubborn stains.


In a nutshell, in this post, I have discussed some amazing hacks that can help you to maintain the cleanliness of your car. These hacks also help your car to be shiny and fresh at all times. Thus, if you are a frequent traveller then these hacks are perfect for you.

I hope that I have answered all your queries regarding how to keep your car interior clean.


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