6 Ideas For Road Trips To Do In Canada In 2022

6 Ideas For Road Trips To Do In Canada In 2022

The second largest country in the world, Canada offers an unrivaled diversity of landscapes and cultures from coast to coast. To visit this country with its striking fauna and flora, Homestay in Mussoorie nothing beats a road trip on its majestic roads.

3 road trips to visit eastern Canada

From Quebec to Ontario, spectacular landscapes and bustling cities make Eastern Canada a favorite destination for Western tourists . Three itineraries allow you to discover the best of this region full of resources.

1. The essentials of Quebec in 15 days

At the heart of this vast region. A trip to Quebec is full of surprises and places not to be missed. From the magic of the Saguenay Fjord to whale watching in Tadoussac via the immensity of the forests, this itinerary offers you the ideal summary to immerse yourself in the heart of Quebec.

2. Around Gaspésie in 21 days

Nature lovers swear by Gaspésie. And we understand the Between the mountains. The rivers and the immensity of the sea, the blue of the water and the green of the forests come together in an exceptional setting. All without neglecting city breaks in Montreal and Quebec.

3. The essentials of Eastern Canada in 15 days

This itinerary offers a perfect combo between Quebec and Ontario. On the city side, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Quebec will surprise you with their differences and charm you with their common energy and their specificities. On the nature side, Homestay in Mussoorie from the lakes and forests of Parc Mont Tremblant to the whales and bears of Charlevoix, passing by the Saint Lawrence River and the unmissable Niagara Falls, a summary of what nature has to offer will pass under your eyes. eyes.

3 road trips to discover Western Canada

Often less known to European tourists than the east of the country but just as magical, Homestay in Mussoorie western Canada lends itself wonderfully well to road trips. Here are three itineraries to help you choose yours…

1. Most of Western Canada in 15 days

There’s nothing like starting your road trip in the most beautiful Canadian metropolis. Vancouver will immerse you in the eclectic and authentic atmosphere of the West Country. On the sea side, killer whale watching and the most beautiful beaches in Canada await you. On the land side, Homestay in Mussoorie canyons, waterfalls, hiking trails, wild animals and majestic mountains will offer you an unforgettable change of scenery.

2. All the secrets of Western Canada in 18 days

This is the perfect tour for anyone who doesn’t want to miss a thing of Western Canada. An idyllic natural spectacle awaits you to reconnect with nature along the water, Homestay in Mussoorie from glaciers and mountains to the famous Canadian Rockies.

Give yourself absolute freedom by opting for a road trip in a motorhome. From Calgary to Vancouver, two weeks of discovery of the fauna and flora of western Canada await you through hikes, Homestay in Mussoorie moments of relaxation and breathtaking adventures . All this as close as possible to nature thanks to your motorhome.



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