6 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Camera lens

6 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Camera lens

Investing in a DSLR camera entails considering its various aspects, one of them being the camera lens. Given that the camera is as good as its lens, you might begin by checking the camera lens price and then move on to its features. Curved and polished glass objects that lenses are, they can make/break an image when used in a camera. Through their ability to magnify the light, lenses play a crucial role in determining the sharpness and clarity of the image, 

If you are serious about clicking memorable photographs, it is time to look beyond the Sony camera price list and check the various lenses. To this effect, some features that you must consider while shopping for lenses include – 

Aperture – How much light enters the camera is determined by the aperture, which is basically a hole. The value of the aperture is represented by ‘f’ and a number, and together the expression is referred to as ‘f-stop’. As per the norm, a lower f-stop value implies a wide aperture and hence plenty of light entering the camera, and vice versa. Both aperture and focal length not only impact the camera lens price but also test your skills as a photographer in low-light conditions. 

Focal length – This important aspect is represented by a number, wherein the higher the value, the more you can zoom in on the object. Depending on the focal length, lenses can be ultra-wide angle, wide angle, standard, or telephoto. The choice of lens depends on the subject that you wish to capture – if you need close-up shots without having to cover a lot of ground, a telephoto lens would be perfect. Likewise, a wide-angle lens allows for depth of field and hence proves best for landscapes and nature-based photography. 

Sensor type – These can be either crop or full-frame, and cause the focal length to change accordingly. In the event that the focal length remains constant, it is the size of the sensor that changes, and also alters the angle of view in the process. To this effect, a smaller sensor provides a reduced angle of view and vice versa. 

Prime/Zoom – Whether you pick a prime or a zoom lens depends on what you desire in terms of the outcome and also your convenience. Opt for a prime lens if you are likely to capture scenes while on the go and prefer clean images. On the other hand, if you treat photography as a creative expression and do not mind the bulk, the zoom lens would be perfect for you. 

Lens mount – Trivial though this factor might seem, ignoring it can be disastrous for your photography stint. Every brand carries its own unique lens mount which is compatible with the lens of that particular brand only. Since this rules out swapping of any kind, it becomes imperative for you to check the type of lens mount while checking the camera lens price. Use the manual to match the lens type with the mount’s specifications for the best results. 

Macro option – Often tiny objects like flowers, birds, insects, and so on catch your imagination as a photographer. A truly close-up shot is what you need, and macro is the type of lens that can make this possible. Usually, macro lenses come with a pre-set magnification of 1.1, with adjustable focal length. So, you can either capture the subject by coming as close as possible, or from a comfortable distance with no impact on quality. 

Final thoughts

While the cost of the lens is included in the Sony camera price list, you will need to pay for additional lenses. Therefore, you must go for new lenses only when you get to know your camera well and are aware of all the considerations. 

Buying a camera lens requires a sufficient amount of knowledge and understanding not just about the lens but also about how it can impact the output. Owing to being one of the most important parts of a camera, lenses are also expensive, which is why you must check the camera lens price and plan out your purchase. 

When you surf through various camera lenses on Bajaj Mall, the two most important factors you need to look out for are aperture and focal length. At the same time, check the type of lens mount and its specifications, as this knowledge would come in handy every time you buy a new lens. 

The Sony camera price list on Bajaj Mall and its partner websites may include a default lens. What you need to decide as a buyer is whether you need a prime or a zoom lens and if at all you require a macro lens to capture tiny objects.

Bajaj Mall is one of the online shopping websites that offer a wide array of lenses. If the camera lens price feels too much, you can still purchase and pay via monthly installments.

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