6 Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales Faster

6 Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales Faster

When a business is looking for growth, the first thought is normally, “how do we attract more customers?”. Well, there’s a strong case that you should start by targeting your existing customer to keep them buying from you. On average, existing customers add more items to their cart, spend more money and have a higher conversion rate. Loyal customers can be worth up to 10 times the value of their first purchase. Plus, the chances of selling to existing customers is around 60-70% compared to a 5-20% probability of a sale with new customers. Stockport SEO consultants are here to manage these sale issues.

Focus on your customers

Add the fact that customer retention is much more cost-effective than customer acquisition, and you’ll soon see that instead of focusing everything on attracting new customers, improving your customer retention strategy can yield fantastic results. Your loyal customers have already bought into your brand, are familiar with your products, and, most importantly, trust them. Loyal customers are far easier to convince to buy again from you than new customers. So how do you tap into this goldmine that you’re sitting on? Simple, focus on things that will enhance their experience. 

Establish a loyalty reward scheme to keep existing customers buying again and again by giving people an incentive to spend more money with you. Reward points can be used for free products, discounts, special promotions, or even free shipping. Use email to stay at the forefront of their memory and make them feel cared for. Notify them of product launches, suggest recommended products, or send them a birthday coupon. These devoted customers are also a huge source of information, so listen to what they have to say, or better still, be proactive and ask. You may uncover trends you weren’t aware of or unveil new needs that will help guide the way forward.

Answer Every Question in Your Copy

Your sales copy, first and foremost, must be truthful. The credibility of your business and the loyalty of your customers depend on this. These days, customers have little patience for unproven promises. When something sounds too good to be true, they may use their well-honed spidey senses to detect the lie.

  • To increase sales, keep your sales text simple, whether for your homepage, product page, social media, or email.
  • Don’t put on airs – be honest. Those of you who own small businesses should feel proud of your accomplishments. The individualized service and personal touch offered by smaller independents are attracting more clients.
  • Second, you shouldn’t presume anything about the level of knowledge your prospective clients have about your offerings. A large number of companies make the mistake of assuming their consumers are more knowledgeable than they really are. Because of this, concerns and objections may arise that may be readily resolved with further context.

Create Urgency

Consumption patterns change rapidly, especially when it comes to purchasing online. Consumers nowadays anticipate instant gratification and high levels of customization. These days, folks can acquire just about everything they want by just picking up their phones and clicking a few buttons, all without leaving the bed. How many have put things in a virtual shopping basket while window shopping, only to reconsider their purchase or go on to another site? I’m sure you’re guilty of this as well.

To persuade website visitors to make a purchase, it is important to instill a feeling of urgency or FOMO (fear of missing out). Customers are more likely to make a purchase right away if they see that there is a time restriction on the offer, a limited quantity of the goods, or some other incentive for them to do so. Many individuals are influenced by these methods because they provide an instant reward for their efforts. Putting up a countdown clock to a limited supply will encourage more people to buy before they run out. To further, if you provide identical items at low, medium, and high price points, scarcity of the lowest-cost item can cause consumers to worry that they would have to pay more later if they wait to make a purchase decision. Those of us who purchase primarily on price will find this strategy to be very useful.

Get a Competitive Edge by Using Free Shipping

Providing free delivery is a great incentive for on-the-fence customers to make a purchase. It’s been shown that offering free delivery encourages buyers to make more purchases. Those who need more convincing can go no further than an industry giant like Amazon. Even if the discount is more than the shipping expenses, this strategy may still be more successful than a percentage discount. Free delivery is a certain way to keep consumers happy and coming back for more.

Building Trust Through Badges and Reviews

With constant coverage of cybercrime in the media, consumers are understandably leery about making purchases on unproven online marketplaces. Customers will not purchase from you if they don’t have faith in your business. Obtaining an SSL certificate should be your first priority. Google has been emphasizing the need for SSL certificates for a while now, and the lack of one might hurt your search engine results. Nonetheless, the vast majority of end users know that they, at the very least, need to see the little padlock next to the URL.

Use Remarketing To Catch The Ones That Got Away

It takes time, energy, and money for any digital marketing plan to start producing results. Keep in mind that visitors won’t always buy on their first encounter with your website. Even if people don’t buy the first time, they see your brand, the more times they see it, the better chance they have of buying. Remarketing has a purpose here. You may increase your chances of converting visitors into buyers by using remarketing with sponsored search or paid social media after they’ve already interacted with your site. One strategy is to focus on site visitors who did not make a purchase but who did click on a certain product. If a customer starts to leave products in their shopping cart, you may encourage them to finish by giving them a discount.

Today’s customer journey isn’t what it used to be; instead, a user will likely have several touchpoints spread out across multiple channels. Remarketing works nicely with this pattern and may be the last push they need to convert into a paying client. We also understand how difficult it is to win back former clients who have already invested in your product.

Simplify The Transaction Process

Having a straightforward purchasing procedure is crucial to increasing sales. If you make it easy for customers to complete the purchase, it will have a significant impact on your revenue.


  • Focus on Your Existing Customers
  • Be Mobile Ready
  • Answer Every Question in Your Copy
  • Create Urgency
  • Promotions
  • Get a Competitive Edge by Using Free Shipping
  • Build Trust Through Badges and Reviews
  • Simplify The Transaction Process
  • Build Email Lists and Develop Your Email Marketing Strategy
  • Use Remarketing To Catch The Ones That got Away

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