7 Best Apps on Instagram Apps

7 Best Apps on Instagram Apps

Continuation of the series “How to perfect Instagram”. This time we will focus on individual Instagram applications from photo editing, to planning a nice feed, and much more. I use all of these applications and have tried them.  Last time I wrote 6 apps to create beautiful Instastories. Now I follow up and show you the Instagram app as such. Planning and photos. And at the end, We’ll talk about what is the Top site to Buy Instagram Followers and why it is important.

And if you want to know more information and details move on to Buyinstagramfollowers.uk.  Where I am a little more active and there you will find much more. Cooperation for companies and influencers If you want to establish interesting cooperation with influencers, or you are an Influencer yourself, then the platform for connecting companies and influencers SOCIALBOA may be useful for you.

Registration is completely free and thanks to it you will not only be sure of the smooth course, but you will also save a lot of time. Post planning, I use Preview for planning – it suits me best of all planning applications. I can add an unlimited number of photos and swap them and sort them as I like, it also has pretty nice photo editing filters. You can also find some hashtags there. Another application for planning is the popular Panola, where you only have a limited number of photos per month (not enough for me), and organizing and moving photos in Preview suits me better. Editing photos Editing photos? Lightroom or Lightroom CC is definitely the best application for this.

I paid for a monthly membership in the PC and at the same time, I have it connected to my mobile phone, where I use it the most. And my presets were set up and modified. I always choose another for a specific photo as needed and then edit it. Of course, I try to make it work somehow and if I intend to change the feed, I want it to be gradual (ombré effect). on skin imperfections. Nose, cheeks, you won’t change/enlarge your breasts or ass. But you need to whiten your teeth, remove red eyes or easily play with the photo as well. You can also download some of their presets there.

Repost of other people’s photos Do you think the easiest way to make a repost on Instagram? If you want to use someone else’s photo and so-called repost it (I personally do not use it only for work accounts where I repost other profiles), I only use the Repost application, which also adds the name of the person in question and copies the text.

Colors and Glare Repix was perhaps my first application 5 years ago to use. She added such nice color wheels from the sun. Or you can buy other effects from adding light to blurring, changing colors, or foggy glass. When it comes to really color photos After light is not a bad app that allows you to add a lot of light and a lot of color effects to your photos.

Instagram Lite: A new, easy-to-use application for cheap phones

Facebook, very unexpectedly, without any major Announcement, launched a new Instagram Lite application. It works exactly as you would expect from the Lite version. This is a slightly cropped version, which has a minimum size and complexity of phone performance or Internet data. It is intended mainly for third world countries, however, Lite or Go applications are very popular in developed countries, especially because people need enough basic functions of the application. Instagram Lite size is 573 KB, which is about 1/55 of the classic Instagram.

At the same time, it does not lack most of the basic functions you need for Instagram. This includes filtering and photo editing. Stories support is also available. The two major limitations you have to reckon with in the Lite version are that you can’t share videos and you can’t send direct messages to your friends. Another downside is the availability of this app so far, a Facebook spokesman has confirmed that the test has begun in Mexico. However, he has not yet revealed when it can spread to other countries.

The application is already officially on Google Play, but if you are not in Mexico, you will not install it. However, there is already an APK file for download, so you can install Instagram Lite manually. You can then download the APK file via APKMirror.

Desktop application for Instagram, Web Direct

Chat in a desktop application for PC or Mac for Instagram Web and Direct. Get notified of new messages without having to… Check new messages on Instagram Direct on your smartphone? With this application, you can receive notifications of new messages on Instagram, even if instagram.com is not open! Here are the features of the application: – Access to Instagram and all its functions with a single click – Notifications (optionally with sound) of new messages without opening the Instagram website – Number of new messages on the extension badge near the browser address bar You can install other extensions new messages in a new browser tab (Chrome or another browser main page.


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