7 Easy Steps To Hiring An Angularjs Developer

7 Easy Steps To Hiring An Angularjs Developer

When hiring a resource, there are perils attached because a single wrong step could make or break the performance of your entire project. And it is understandable if you are still struggling to find the most suitable AngularJS developer for your project. 

But you can not let that get in your way! And to overcome this hurdle, you need to seek answers to these simple questions – 

  • Where can I find skilled AngularJS developers? 
  • Which methods do I use to interview the candidates? 
  • How to hire the right candidates? 
  • What should I look for in an Angular JS developer? 

Here, we will help you seek answers to all such questions by guiding you through these elaborate 7-steps mentioned below. 

Check them out! 

Steps to Hire Dedicated Angular Developers 

Even though there are no hard and fast rules as to hiring AngularJS developers, following these steps can streamline the entire process and make it easier for you to make an informed and sound decision. 

Step 1 – Analyze project & resource requirements 

Before you begin any of the operations to hire AngularJS developers, it is essential to analyze your project needs. It will give you a clear picture of – 

  • What technical skills the developer must possess, 
  • Which industries they should have experience in, 
  • Project budget to compute how much you can spend on a resource, 
  • The time you have for recruitment,
  • What is expected of the resource and their key responsibilities, 
  • Size of the project, 
  • How many developers you need, and more! 

So, write down your project requirements, and tentative date of completion, and begin your hunt for skilled Angular developers. 

Step 2 – Prepare job descriptions 

It is a no-brainer that an Angular developer should have proficiency in the language, but what else are you looking for? Or, what should the candidate expect from the offer? 

A well-curated job description here can do the job and eliminate the initial trouble of asking/telling what their key responsibilities will be. 

You can prepare a JD with the following information or add some other that you believe are suitable – 

  • Job title along with a crisp description. 
  • You need to specify the required years of experience. 
  • How many positions are open for the role? 
  • Whether it is a full-time or a contractual position. 
  • Expected highest qualification. 
  • Maximum offered salary. 
  • Technical skills they must have. 
  • If you need the developer to know of any adjacent technologies or experience with managing tasks/sprints, mention it there. 

Step 3 – Hiring model 

The next step is to determine the best-suited hiring model for the Angular JS developer. You may want to hire a full-time resource for your organization or need a part-time Angular developer specific to a project. 

Thus, you need to weigh your options based on the project requirements, budget, resource availability, and company infrastructure. 

You can choose from any of the below-mentioned hiring models and start your hunt! 

  • Full-time employee – Permanent type, work from office/ remote, high cost of accumulation. 
  • Part-time/contractual employee – Temporary position, work from office/ remote, low cost of accumulation, lower turnaround. 
  • Outsourcing – Temporary resource, remote work, low accumulation cost, faster turnaround. 

Deciding on the hiring model will narrow down your search, and you will be a step closer to hiring dedicated Angular developers. 

Step 4 – Hiring approach 

Now, the real deal is “how can you hire Angularjs developers?”. You have plenty of channels you can choose your options from, such as – 

  • Job portals like Monster, Indeed, Jooble, glassdoor, CareerJet, etc. 
  • Freelance platforms. 
  • Social networking sites like LinkedIn. 
  • Outsourcing vendors. 

You can try one or more methods to shortlist Angular developers for the job, as per your preference. However, it is to note that many companies prefer hiring developers from a reputed web development agency as – 

  • The developers have rich and diverse experiences. 
  • The project relies on trusted hands. 
  • Developers are equipped with time management and project management skills. 
  • Professional approach. 

Step 5 – Shortlist candidates 

The next step you have to take is to shortlist the potential candidates for the interview round. For starters, the candidate profile must match your prepared job description. You can take an extra step to connect to the individual, check out their portfolio, and previously developed front-end pages on Angular. 

In case you outsource to a web development agency, you need to check their website and portfolio. Make sure you also consider aspects like – 

  • Differences in time zone. 
  • Budget. 
  • Flexibility in engagement model. 
  • A common language proficiency to evade communication barriers. 

Step 6 – Interview 

It is probably the most crucial step of all. Now, the interview process may vary from one organization to another as per your need. But, you need to pay attention to a few aspects – 

  • You need to check the availability of a technical resource who can interview the candidate and ensure there is no delay. 
  • You need to prepare interview questions based on the kind of resource you are hiring – junior level, middle level, or senior level. 
  • It is also essential to interact with the individual and check their soft skills. 
  • You must ensure that the candidate has a stable work background and will responsibly work on your project. 

Testing the candidates as per your preferred method will help you decide who to choose and you can proceed with the last step. 

Step 7 – Release an offer 

After you have decided who to hire for the AngularJs developer position, you need to release an offer to the candidate. Make sure to arrange it based on the joining kind – immediate or other. 

You can prepare a letter of intent or a letter of appointment and email it to the respective candidate. In case you are outsourcing it to a web development firm, you have to draw a contract for the same. 

The final offer letter/ contract typically includes – 

  • Job title. 
  • Job type. 
  • Candidate name/ company name. 
  • Job position/ contract type. 
  • Cost agreed upon. 
  • Scope of the project (in case of outsourcing). 
  • Company seal/ signature of the authorized representative. 

AngularJS is one of the most popular technologies to build web applications and front-end software. And there is an immense pool of developers who use it for building stellar web applications. 

And hunting the best amongst the lot could be one challenging job. But, with these steps in place, you can hire dedicated angular developers for your project. 

Maulik Shah is the CEO of BiztechCS, an AngularJS developer from India. Maulik likes to explore beyond his comfort zone. When it comes to writing for the blog, his contribution is priceless. No one else on the team can bring the deep industry knowledge to articles that he has. However, his door is always open and he is generous with sharing that knowledge.

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