8 Cruise Ship Stereotypes and its reality

8 Cruise Ship Stereotypes and its reality

8 Cruise Ship Stereotypes and its reality

Going on a majestic cruise ship is a trip of a lifetime. You can explore several wonders waiting for you. But have you ever imagined the stereotypes or myths related to the cruise ships on the high seas? Today, we will know about all the myths and bust them one by one by giving all of them a big reality check. If you are ready then let’s start the journey. By the way, welcome aboard everybody!Here is the list of cruise myths and the reality behind them:-

Heavy viral infection in cruise ships

It is one of the biggest myths about cruise ships these days. This fact was true during the pandemic era of 2020-21.


But constant safety measures and frequent vaccination drives have made both the cruise ships and cruise ships’ passengers safe again. Hence you are free to tour all the rare and different locations of the world once again. However, you can use a cruising essentials kit in case of a health emergency on a ship or consult the doctor on the cruise ship. Furthermore, people are more health-conscious these days and that means, you are safe on the high seas more than ever.


Cruise Ships are crowded

Cruise ships are crowded. Crowded cruises always result in stampedes and other forms of mayhem.


Yes, it’s correct. But you can avoid crowded cruises by taking lots of safety measures. First, you can select ships with low or rare demand. Second, even if you are choosing luxurious cruises, you can select a low season. It is the time most of the cruises face low demand for tickets. Hence, you can book a ticket for yourself and your family at affordable prices.

Furthermore, in case you encounter stampede on a crowded cruise ship, you should immediately use your travel kit first aid to treat you injuries.         .

Cruise ships are for old and stuffy people

Cruise ships are filled with old people and old souls only.


It is not true. You might see old people having a good time on a cruise ship for a longer duration. But, most of the time, you can see youngsters enjoying the high seas on a cruise with their partners. In case, you are traveling with an older member of your family then you can embark on the ship with a first aid travel kit that will help the old generation of your family from sea sickness, indigestion, constipation, and stomach ache.

travel first aid kit

Most of the people feel claustrophobic onboard

Cruise ships increase the levels of claustrophobia on the ship.


Most of the people are worried thinking that they have to face claustrophobia on the ship. Yes, you will indeed be confined to the ship during the entire journey. But, most parts of the cruise ship such as the starboard is an open spaces where you can indulge in lots of fun activities. You can even go for a romantic dinner in the open area.

In case, you feel claustrophobic on the cruise ship, you can ask for cabins with more space or balconies with more open space and air. If that is not enough then you can use anti-anxiety medications like Benzodiazepine in your first aid kit travel to dispel bouts of claustrophobia.

You will get seasick easily

Sailing on the sea is adventurous but getting seasick is a possibility.


Yes, people get seasick during their voyage. But it is a possibility that can be easily averted using the anti-seasickness pills from the travel first aid kit. Moreover, the entire passenger ships whether they are small or big cruise liners are equipped with stabilizers. These stabilizers make sure that the interiors of the ship keep the ride smooth while the ship is floating and sailing forward on the sea.

You can’t afford expensive cruise ships

Most people around the world have the opinion that cruise lines are expensive.


Traveling on cruise ships is not expensive anymore. They used to be expensive some decades ago. But, the situation is not the same anymore. Tons of reasonable choices exist for all the economical cruisers. Modern cruise ships tend to be cheaper than their luxury equivalents, but there is no shortage of perks. What turns a reasonably small price tag into a better one are onboard extras like gambling, consuming drinks, spa treatments, shore excursions, and specialized dining.

To make the most of your finances, don’t book directly. Instead use the services of a travel agent that can turn you onto the most modern exclusive deals, cruise ship credits, bonus freebies, and several more. One more thing, you should bring your first aid kit for travel as it would be more affordable. Purchasing a medical kit on a cruise ship will be expensive and will pinch your pocket for sure.

Cruise ship dining is all about buffet

Most cruise-goers think that cruise ship dining is all about the buffet.


It is not true. Cruise is not all about the buffet. Several restaurants serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the ship. Some are popular for serving a wide variety of culinary dishes from around the world. Some of these restaurants are expensive and some are not where you can have a nice and healthy meal with your family. Sometimes people on these cruise ships had to deal with indigestion a lot even after having a tasty meal. Hence, you can use the indigestion tablets from your cruise essential kit to deal with indigestion.

Ships aren’t safe

Some people still think that cruise ships aren’t safe. It is an age-old myth.


The modern cruise ships of the 21st century are safer than other forms of transportation. Regular fire drills, as well as anti-piracy drills, are regularly conducted to make the ships safe from accidents and pirates. All the small and big cruise ships have medical facilities that will take care of all kinds of temporary and non-fatal accidents and diseases. You can use even your first aid kit for travel to cure illness or injuries occurring on the ship.


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