8 Signs That Interior Design Is The Right Field For You

8 Signs That Interior Design Is The Right Field For You

In today’s age of social media, aesthetics and designs have become essential in people’s consumer choices. Since people love to share photos of their experiences, homes, and purchases online, curating our environment has become vital. And since the pandemic quarantined people in their homes, almost everyone started redesigning and improving their spaces. 

That shift in consumer behaviour helped many furniture businesses and interior design professionals. Many people have also discovered a love and passion for interior design that they never knew existed. And even though the interior design industry seems glamorous, like how movies portray them, it requires skills and knowledge to be a great designer. 

But, of course, passion is never out of the picture. The interior design industry could be your calling if you have a burning enthusiasm for designing houses, rooms, and spaces. If you’re confused about whether to pursue a career in interior design, this post will try to help you. Here are eight signs that interior design is the right field for you. 


1 – You’re into furniture pieces

One of the first signs that could tell whether you have a passion for interior design is your love for furniture. If you find yourself looking at home-design catalogues for the latest furniture pieces all the time, then maybe you’re passionate about it.

If you’re also well-versed with Scandinavian furniture designs such as the wishbone chair, shaker bar stool, and more, then maybe you don’t only like looking at furniture but are passionate about them. 


2 – You have an eye for matching and arranging furniture well.

It’s one thing to be into furniture pieces and another to have a talent for matching and arranging them well. If you often rearrange and replace your furniture at home, that’s one sign that you have the skill for interior design. 

Another sign that you have an eye for matching and arranging furniture well is your friends and family always ask for your opinion and advice in their homes. Of course, just because someone asks for your suggestions does not make you an expert. But if you’ve been receiving comments about furniture-matching skills and often get asked for advice, then take that as a sign.


3 – You have a good sense when it comes to choosing colours and patterns

If you’re good at matching and arranging various furniture pieces, you’re also likely good with colours and patterns. In interior design, colour and pattern choices matter. After all, colours affect and alter a room’s overall ambience.

There are many cases in the design industry where colours and patterns solve a client’s huge concern. If you’re quick in deciding and choosing the right colours that complement a space, then maybe interior design is for you.


4 – You love sketching home designs

When adults see kids drawing sketches of homes or properties, they say that the kid will likely become an architect, engineer, or designer. However, the line between which career path is for you among the three can be confusing if you’re a talented sketcher.

The good news is not all interior designers are great at sketching. According to designers, what’s important is a sense of proportion in envisioning room designs and structures. So if many people compliment your sketches, but you’re not that confident about them, look into your sense of proportion. 


5 – You’re creative

Creativity comes in different kinds and expertise. You’re likely a writer if you’re creative with word structure. On the other hand, determining what field creative people are with sketching is more challenging than identifying a potential writer. 

But since creativity comes in different kinds, it can be easier to identify if interior design is for you. You’re a creative designer if you’re good at sketching home interiors and can incorporate the right proportions that complement a space.

Another sign of creativity is if you’re good at the past four points I discussed. Because without those four points, you won’t be able to design a beautiful and proportionate interior plan.


6 – You’re knowledgeable in computer-aided-design software

One good friend of interior designers is their computer-aided design (CAD) software. CAD software like AutoCAD brings interior designers’ ideas to life. It makes interior designers’ work so much easier and more organised.

If you’re not familiar with computer-aided design software, that’s okay. There are now many paid online courses that you can take to learn about CAD software. If you prefer learning physically, some schools provide classes for CAD that you can try. At the end of those classes, students usually receive certifications recognising their CAD skills. 

So if you’re worried that you’re not knowledgeable about CAD yet, you can always learn about it and use it for your future applications. 


7 – You like working with different types of people

Many jobs require working and communicating with different types of people. And being an interior designer is one of them. If you’re a people-person who loves to bring people’s ideas to life, then that’s another sign interior design could be for you.

As an interior designer, you bridge your client’s ideas and their future reality. But remember that this profession is not as dreamy as it sounds. Remember that you’ll be working with different people, such as businessmen, property owners, and not just homeowners. 

So if you love the thrill and challenge of dealing with various clients at once, it could be for you.


8 – You’re flexible to rejections and incorporating changes to your design as requested by the client.

The last sign is that you’re flexible and open to criticism. Since you’ll be working with different people in the industry, you’ll also be dealing with multiple rejections and comments about your work. If you find it offensive and personal that clients want constant revisions, then that’s something you must learn to change.

In any profession, rejections and criticisms happen. But don’t let that stop you from pursuing a career you like. After all, those criticisms and rejections will help you grow and expand your knowledge and experiences.


Have you found the signs that tell you to work in the interior design industry?

If you have more than five of the signs I discussed, then maybe it’s your final sign to pursue a career in the interior design industry. But like any other job, being in that field is no walk in the park. So be open to challenges and obstacles along the way because those will help you grow and hone your skills in the interior design industry. 

Written by Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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