A Beginner’s Guide to Cutting Fruits and Vegetables Safely

A Beginner’s Guide to Cutting Fruits and Vegetables Safely

When cutting vegetables and fruits, consider paying attention to the grip. The surface plays a crucial role too. No one can deny the necessity of a high-quality knife, cutter, or chopper as well. The following write-up specifies four tips that have helped individuals cut vegetables and fruits safely. Please check them out right now.

Prevent the Board from Slipping

The experts providing fruit and vegetable cutter said no one wants their cutting board doing the salsa while they are chopping. An unstable surface can cause accidents. Many cutting boards have rubber feet, but the ones that don’t require reinforcements. Place a rubber mat or a damp towel beneath the cutting board. This will prevent it from slipping.

Utilize Claw Grip

Claw Grip has impressed larger segments of the population. It can stabilize the items one is chopping and protect their fingers.

Make a claw with the fingers of the guiding or non-dominant hand. Press the fingertips and tips of the nails into the fruit or veggie. This makes sure the food remains stable and safeguards the fingers if the knife slips.

When the fruit or veggie pieces become smaller – suppose one is dicing onions – it becomes immensely important to tuck or curl the fingertips under and then away. Doing so also helps one maintain their grip over what remains of the shrinking onion.

Hope the discussion above was insightful and will help you to have a better understanding. In case of any suggestions or queries, please feel free to share with us below in the comment section with us to make it more interesting for others.

Keep the Cut Side Down

It is essential to cut fruits and vegetables on a flat surface. Always keep the cut side down, and the item will not slip.

Imagine an onion because almost every dish has onion. Onions are hard and hence quite challenging to cut. It will be helpful if one cuts the onion in half and puts the cut side down before chopping it further. From this point, onion becomes easier to handle.

Make Sure Knives, Cutters, and Choppers are Sharp

If one exerts excessive effort to slice up a potato, they may have to change or sharpen their knife. The fruit and vegetable cutter experts said a sharp device would cut through the items seamlessly without damaging them.

Does it seem counterintuitive? It is not if a person really pays attention. Dull knives are much more dangerous than sharp ones because they force people to apply a huge amount of pressure, which increases the possibility of slipping. With a sharp knife, one does not have to do any work. It slices an item with ease.

Take the knives and choppers to a professional for sharpening instead of implementing the DIY methods. Do this twice a year or more often if there is difficulty in cutting. People must never fight with the knives or cutters in the kitchen to work. Too much effort is an indication of something wrong.

The tips stated above in mind ensure safe fruit and vegetable cutting. Practice the knife skills by preparing recipes such as ratatouille, broiled onion dip, French onion soup, baked sweet potatoes, and roasted root veggies with kale and tomatoes. Beware! Plenty of chopping ahead!


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