A Deep Guide to CGEIT Certification

A Deep Guide to CGEIT Certification

The Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT or CGEIT is a highly sought-after certification for professionals working in enterprise IT governance, compliance, and risk management. It is offered by ISACA to help IT professionals to get a well-paying job worldwide. However, all aspiring CGEIT certificate holders need to fulfil certain requirements in order to earn their certification.

This blog provides information on the CGEIT certification prerequisites, Exam pattern, and preparation strategy. If you are planning to get a CGEIT certification to improve your career prospects, you must be aware of all the exam insights to confidently appear for this exam.

What is the CGEIT Exam Format?

This is a professional certification designed for experienced techies who want to expand their skills and knowledge of IT governance. However, like ISACA CISA certification, professionals need to prepare a strategy to qualify for CGEIT as well. To guide you through this process, here is the exam format for this certification program:

Duration of the exam 4 hours
Total number of questions 150
Question type MCQ
Passing score 400
Examination cost for CGEIT members $575
Examination cost for non-members $760
Language options for question paper English and Chinese


CGEIT and CISA certification cost vary for members and non-members. Therefore, if you want to save more on appearing for this exam, consider earning a membership.

Content of CGEIT Exam

To perform well in any cyber security or IT governance certification exam, it is crucial to understand its objective and areas from where questions are asked in the exam. In-depth knowledge of each topic helps participants determine how much effort they need to give to a specific domain.

The following table demonstrates the CGEIT domain and its weightage:

Domain Topics  Weightage 
  • Technology governance
  • Governance framework
  • Information governance
  • IT resource optimisation
  • IT resource planning
  • Management of IT-enabled investments
  • IT performance and oversight
  • Risk management
  • Risk strategy


Prerequisites for CGEIT Certification

All the ISACA certification programs like CISM, CGEIT, and CISA combine the participant’s work experience and exam scores to frame the final results. Therefore, before taking the exam, it is vital to know the following requirements of this certification exam:

Degree requirement

Although there is no degree requirement for CGEIT, people who work in risk management, IT governance and compliance are the target audience. Most of these professionals get hired by companies from universities that offer four-year bachelor’s degrees. Therefore, if you want to make a career in the IT governance and compliance field, you must pursue a degree in any of the following courses:

  • Accountancy
  • IT auditing
  • IT
  • Computer science
  • Information security

Experience requirement

ISACA sets strict work experience requirements when it comes to CGEIT or CISA eligibility criteria. Typically, all the ISACA certifications require participants to have a minimum of three years of relevant work experience. However, for the IT governance exam, it is crucial that the participants have a minimum of 5-years of work experience in the advisory or oversight role of IT governance. Though in certain cases, ISACA offers a maximum waiver of 1 year for the experience.

CGEIT Preparation Guide 

Now that you know all about the requirements and exam pattern of CGEIT certification, here is the preparation strategy you can follow:

Test training 

Just like CISA training helps participants gain hands-on experience and thorough knowledge of exam papers, CGEIT training also prepares professionals to perform well in the exam. You can choose between a live online class and a recorded video class according to your preference and time availability.

Prepare through books

Preparing with eBooks provided by ISACA is another important aspect of qualifying for this exam with good scores. Certain books you can refer to include CGEIT Review Manual 8th Edition, CGEIT Review Questions 5th Edition, Question, Answer, and Explanation database.

Take practise tests

Practice tests are beneficial in improving your preparation for the CGEIT exam. These test papers are designed according to the exam papers. Therefore, participants can evaluate their readiness to take the exam. In addition, by solving these test papers, candidates can determine their weak areas and take corrective measures to increase their success rate.


All the above-mentioned details are helpful for planning your preparation before appearing for the CGEIT exam. In the coming days, the demand for professionals with this certificate is expected to rise. Therefore, if you want to increase your relevance and validate your skills, you must consider earning this certification.

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