You have put together an excellent resume and cover letter. Congratulations! Your interview is scheduled and of course you are overjoyed. And then a slight panic attack. What can you do to master the job interview ? In the current job market, you have already made great progress with an interview. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back and then get to work. Now is the time to prepare carefully and thoroughly for the McKinsey Interview Cases . The better prepared you are, the more self-confidence you will exude in the interview. The importance of the interview cannot be overstated. The interview is your time to shine and you owe it to yourself to prepare properly for your big day.

Job Interview

There are many excellent books and websites that provide typical interview questions and tips for good answers. It is worth investing time and money in these resources. Two questions that are almost taken for granted in every job interview: What do you know about the company and why do you want to work for the company? If you’ve done some thorough research, you’re sure to be able to answer these questions. Of course, there are many more example questions and answers in the books and on the websites. Prepare to sell yourself at the interview by providing examples of your work-related accomplishments and the skills that will benefit the company. Remember that the interview is a conversation, not an interrogation.

Appearance Is A Big Part

The big day is finally here! Your appearance is a big part of the impression you will make on the interviewer. You must dress for the desired position. Inappropriate demeanor or behavior during an interview can disqualify you as a job applicant regardless of your education, skills or work experience. Use your common sense, but if you’re still in doubt about your clothing, seek advice from a trusted source.

Be on time for the interview. Arriving a few minutes early will give you a chance to take a deep breath and relax before the interview. Remember to smile, make eye contact, shake hands, and do your best to remain calm. At the end of the interview, remember to thank the interviewer for the time and opportunity to interview. If you have prepared for the interview, you will gain more confidence and the interview will be successful.


Prepare a short thank you letter the day after the interview. Add a few sentences that describe your skills and your potential for the company. Leave the interviewer believing that the company needs you! Don’t be upset because you walked out of the interview with no job offer. Currently there are many candidates for each vacancy. The process takes some time. Now wait with calm confidence.

Mel Otero, author, has been involved in management Businessacademy1  in the mortgage banking and title insurance industries for over 25 years. She has been mystery shopping part-time for over five years. She has launched websites and written articles to provide information, resources and inspiration during this difficult economy.

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