All about PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep

All about PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep

PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep course is an e-Learning course with 5 licenses. The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) most desirable certification for project management is the Project Management Professional (PMP). The PMP certification verifies important experience, training, skill, and ability necessary to lead and direct projects. The PMP exam prep course will equip your teams to flourish in project management like never before. PMP is ideal for teams in government and corporate enterprises as well as individuals. In the Project Management Professional (PMP) course, you learn how to successfully manage projects by applying commonly recognized project management methods offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMP exam prep course will immerse you in real-world settings that represent numerous sectors and project management scenarios, allowing your teams to practice applying principles and ideas at work.
PMI Authorized Training Partner provides the expertise needed to develop competent project management abilities. Their top PMP training courses are delivered by trained instructors using highly engaging, one-of-a-kind blended learning delivery options.

What PMI authorized training provider will provide you in their course:

  • They will give you lectures with real-world examples
  • They will help you to meet the 35 PMI PDUs requirement (Based on course delivery & assignment hours)
  • Authorized training provider will give you approximately 200 PMP Exam Practice Questions
  • Their exam preparation tips and tricks will help you with the PMP application process
  • Supply you with additional student materials like highlight videos & media
  • They will conduct Mastery Builders at the end of chapter knowledge exams to verify your critical concept grasp
  • They will make an online list which is called a student checklist that you can use to confirm proper coverage of important subjects.

What are the requirements to get a Project Management Professional certification?

You must have the following qualifications to become a certified Project Management Professional:


  • You must have a four-year diploma or degree
  • The applicant must have at least 36 months of project management experience
  • Student must have undergone 35 hours of project management study or training
  • If you don’t have 35 hours or any work experience but have a CAPM certification you are still eligible.
  • You must have a high school diploma or an associate’s degree which must be global equivalent.

What an individual will learn in the PMP exam prep?

There are many things you will learn in the PMP training some of them are mentioned below:

  • You will learn to define the foundations of project management.
  • Check and define project management inside your company.
  • The student will learn to create a project management technique.
  • You will learn to develop a High-Performing Team for Project Implementation and Execution Using the Agile Approach
  • Maintaining the focus of your teams
  • You will learn to ensure that the projects are aligned with organizational strategies and goals.

Who should go for the PMP training 

If you are employees who have some experience with project management duties, you can take the PMP training. Even if your formal job role is not as a project manager in an organization you can still pursue a PMP certification. PMP certification is mainly earned by individuals who want to advance their project management skills, adopt a methodical, standards-based approach to project management, and are considering a career in professional project management.

Potential individuals for the PMP training include Project Managers, Associate Project Managers, IT Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Analysts, Project Leaders, and Senior Project Managers.

Responsibilities of the PMP-certified individual

The main responsibility of a project manager is to build a high-performing Team and tell them all the rules and regulations. In PMP training, he learns to empower his team members and stakeholders. He plans to manage Scope, budget, quality of products, and deliverables. In PMP exam prep a project manager learns to assess and manage risks, execute the project to deliver business value, engage stakeholders, and create project artifacts.

When to Take the PMP Exam

The only way of assurance that you are ready to take the PMP exam is to take practice tests and answer questions comfortably and within time constraints. This indicates that you are exam-ready. You will need to strengthen your comprehension or practice the ideas more until you reach that point. To fully grasp the principles, you must first understand how to handle projects in a contemporary firm.

An excellent project manager certification coaching program goes above the 35-hour time limit. It features self-paced learning courses, study programs to help applicants comprehend PMP principles, and PMP simulation tests to help them prepare for the PMP exam.

You can try Audiobooks also as they are becoming increasingly popular as a decent replacement for reading, particularly while multitasking. Some people feel that listening to audio helps them grasp topics better. Audiobooks are also useful in a variety of ways, such as listening to a chapter while doing your evening workout or anything else.

However, you should not rely solely on audiobooks for your preparation. Calculations which are interlink to project decision-making and idea application should be done physically to acquire a proper grasp of project management methods and preparedness to use them in real projects.

Top 5 PMP Exam Prep Books

Project Management Institute does not recommend any books for the PMP exam prep, but the applicants have relied on a variety of publications to help them on their way to certification. You can also benefit from the experience and expertise of specialists who have been mentoring others. You can enroll yourself in the programs offered by the PMI-authorized training providers. The following top 5 significant books for PMP certification. Examine them all and choose the one that best matches your learning style.

  1. PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is a publication that contains the Project Management Institute’s standard terminology, best practices, and procedure principles for project management (PMI). It helps firms standardize projects across departments. This implies that personnel in the marketing department will approach a project in the same way as those in the financial department. The project management handbook is also beneficial to project managers.
  2. PMI-authorized PMP exam prep books are also recommended by the PMI. It also fulfills the 35 training hours necessary to apply for PMP Certifications.
  3. Head First PMP is one of the easiest books on PMP exams. This is not the amount of difficulty you should anticipate for your PMP exam prep.
  4. PMP Exam Prep Book Rita Mulcahy’s Tenth Edition is a book that has been helping project managers pass the PMP test for decades. Their has been a update in the most recent edition to reflect changes in the PMP exam format.
  5. The PMP Exam Prep Book from Master of Project Academy, written by Resit Gulec, includes advice on how to pass the exam on the first try as well as a large number of practice questions.

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