All of Amazon Prime’s Upcoming Original TV Shows 

All of Amazon Prime’s Upcoming Original TV Shows 

Amazon Prime currently may not have a viewership comparable to Netflix, but the quality of content is certainly getting much better. Especially, after shows like Invincible and The Boys, viewers are hyped for more quality content from the platform.

The exciting part is that many series based on movies are coming to Amazon Prime as TV shows. The Lord of the Rings series and Mr. and Mrs. Smith are coming again as a series. You can catch up with the original movies on Spectrum T V Choice to get a better understanding of the context of these shows. Besides these, there’s tons of more content on its way from Amazon Prime.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

For teen romance viewers, this upcoming Amazon series can quickly become a favorite. If you have watched Netflix’s To All the Boys I Loved Before, you should expect similar content in this series as well. Since it is based on a series of novels, you may actually get multiple seasons and continued entertainment.

The series is a rom-com drama about a love triangle between a girl named Belly and two brothers during vacations. If you are a fan of the genre or the books and movies by the same author, you will probably like the series. Also, there are three novels under the same name if you are interested in completing the story quicker.

The Terminal List

As The Boys season 3 has ended, you may want to check out a star-studded action series in the meantime. If that’s the case, you can add Chris Pratt’s The Terminal List to your watchlist. This series is a change from the usual appearances from Chirs Pratt in MCU’s Star-Lord and Owen Grady from the Jurassic Park franchise.

In this series, Chris Pratt plays the role of James Reece who is a Navy Seal. There’s a lot of suspense drama that endangers the lie of James Reece and the people around him as the mystery unfolds. This thriller series is based on the bestselling novel by James Carr named, The Terminal List.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most celebrated series of books and award-winning movie adaptations. After a long wait, fans can now finally stream The Lord of the Rings content. You can expect to see the same middle-earth creatures from movies like elves, dwarves, and orcs.

In this new series, you will not see Frodo, Samwise, and other characters from the OG cast. But from the elvish side, Galadriel and Elrond can be seen in this new series alongside many new characters. The series is set to come out in September. Meanwhile, you can watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy along with The Hobbit trilogy. You can catch up with the theme of this upcoming series.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Have you watched Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith? The original film is an action-comedy that came out in 2005. Now a reboot of the film into a series is set to be released on Amazon Prime Video with a different cast.

In this series, you can see Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino, and Mays Erskine playing the lead roles. The film follows the same plot of a not-so-happy couple living double lives as assassins without each other’s knowledge. And then things get twisted when they are assigned to kill each other. With Donald Glover playing the lead role, you can expect many good laughs.


Chloe is a suspense thriller series set to hit Amazon Prime in the upcoming months. The series stars Erin Doherty as Becky who is a woman who stays most of the time online. The murder mystery sparks the story when a woman named Chloe, who happens to be Becky’s social media obsession, turns out dead.

She impersonates Chloe’s social media handles of Chloe to get into her friend circle and find out who is responsible for the murder. The theme is pretty tense but will suit the liking of the fans of this genre.


Elected is a political drama series set in Rio de Janeiro when an irresponsible influencer became the mayor. The series shows the city on the verge of disaster when the whole election takes place. So, you can expect a lot of dark political drama in this drama series.

If you are a fan of political dramas like NBC’s Mr. Mayor, you can consider adding this to your watchlist.


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