Android app development company: Prevent making such mistakes!

Android app development company: Prevent making such mistakes!

It is not necessary that an android app development company that charges premium fees can be labeled as the best. Brands with fewer months of incorporation prefer to invest in the top company to build their brand identity.

But unintentionally, they make mistakes that cost them a lot. For example, hiring IT companies with fewer clients and no word-of-mouth available.

That is why it becomes essential to know which organization is worth your investment. This blog contains some worth reading information about top mobile application development companies. Let’s get started.

Mistakes while hiring IT solutions providers

These are major mistakes you might have made, unknowingly.

1) Reading success stories only

Every android app development company you would find online would never disclose its worst phase where they were unable to solve clients’ requirements. You would find only success stories for those clients who performed well. There could be situations where your hired agency was unable to give output as their clients expected.

It is obvious that no company would disclose such information. But it is your responsibility (being a client) to know every tiny detail. After all, it takes a handsome amount of money to hire a top development company.

Solutions you can prefer

Though companies have portfolio pages on their website, prefer reading them thoroughly.

Since every business model differs, android app development company follows unique approaches. Thus, you could find solutions related to your industry on their portfolio page. If you find such a client case study; attempt the following steps:

  1. a) Connect with their clients via social media
  2. b) Try to know if the mentioned case study is authentic or not
  3. c) Analyse how they solved critical development solutions


2) Not looking for what suits you the best

One major blunder that start-ups do is to rely blindly on their hired developers. It is obvious that the hired agency has expertise in android app development. But, there could be a phase where your hired agency does not match your expectations.

For example, if you need your business app to be based on Flutter but the hired android app development company offers only React Native, Ionic, and frameworks. You would not get the expected outcomes.

Solutions you can prefer

You can attempt the following solutions to prevent your business from potential hindrances.

  1. a) Consult your technical requirements before signing an NDA.
  2. b) Ask how they execute solutions considering your business model.
  3. c) Connect with their developer’s team, if the situation demands.

3) Investing huge costs

It is a myth that the best company charges a huge amount. For instance, if you hire a recent start-up of mobile app development, they would charge a comparatively lesser amount.

Yet most of the clients think investing a whopping amount would give exceptional benefits.

Solutions you can prefer

  1. a) Prefer searching for newly built start-ups with a proficient team of developers.
  2. b) Negotiate over fees with the top android app development company.
  3. c) Compare with multiple companies and shortlist those with flexibility in charge policies.

4) Not engaging in the development process

The point matches the 2nd point mentioned above. But there is a slight difference. Along with the previous points, not engaging with your hired company in the development process is your mistake.

It is important to know what programming language they use, how much it would take to build your app, what factors could exceed the overall invested cost.

Solutions you can prefer

  1. a) Engage with the developer’s team regularly
  2. b) Give feedback & suggestions, necessary to develop a top-performing app
  3. c) Ask them what details they need for having the best app at the end.

5) “No-Trust” also affects productivity

Above mentioned factors explain how you can help the hired team of an android app development company. But, this point talks more about trustworthiness.

When you shortlist, a company considering all factors mentioned above, it is also vital that you trust your hired team. Non-trustworthiness results in poor productivity.

Solutions you can prefer

  1. a) Let them do their work and wait for their call regarding updates.
  2. b) If they do not require any update from you, let the workflow according to them.
  3. c) Be available whenever they need to ask for your feedback and be realistic while giving your suggestions.

The outcome that flows after following mentioned tips

You would get multiple suggestions on what or what not to be done while hiring the top android app development company. Considering your problems, the article has provided vital information.

Yet, you might seek information on why you should follow the mentioned advice. Let’s look at some benefits of following them.

1) It helps in boosting developers’ team productivity resulting in better app development.

2) After the launch & listing of your app, you would be able to get potential customers for your business.

3) Boosted app traffic, branding, best user experience, and higher user time spent; are some of the major benefits you can get after following mentioned suggestions.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have understood how to prevent making such mistakes. Every point mentioned above is realistic and practical.

If you also wish to start building your brand identity with android app development. You can go for companies that offer quality services at affordable fees.

We have been in the IT industry for over a decade now. That’s why we know how it works. Therefore, our recommendation would be “AppSquadz-best android app development company.” It’s been more than fifteen years since the company started. And by now, they have successfully delivered more than 850 app development projects.

You can connect with them and seek details about your business mobile app development.


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