Artificial Grass Accessories Things you need to Consider

Artificial Grass Accessories Things you need to Consider

To maintain the appearance of your new lawn, artificial grass accessories are essential. Weed stops and weed barriers prevent weeds from growing through the turf. Weed barriers allow water through while resisting puncture by weeds. These Artificial Grass accessories are essential before you install the hardcore. The edging system creates the perfect frame for your turf. The best edging system is waterproof and made from sustainable materials to last for decades.

Wonder Edge

Using Wonder Edge artificial grass accessories to install synthetic turf can cut the installation process in half. It has been design to create a clean, smooth appearance on artificial turf applications. This product is apply to the edge of the turf, after base materials have been compact. Installers can tuck the turf edge within the border. In addition to cutting installation time, Wonder Edge also offers other advantages. For example, it can make the installation process more efficient by eliminating the need for additional steps such as cementing and digging along the edge of the turf.

Using the Wonder Edge artificial turf edgers will eliminate extra labor and improve the durability of the finished product. They can be installed in as little as 10% of the time it takes to install traditional wooden edgers. They also come with a gap slot to tuck into rough cuts, and they are hardscape-ready – which means they can be glue to concrete. You can also use them on putting greens. Purchasing these products requires a minimum 300-square-foot order.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Wonder Edge is also perfect for pet areas because of its patented WonderEdge product. Pets have a tendency to pull the turf edges off. The Wonder Edge is design to prevent this problem while ensuring premium quality and durability. In addition, this product is eco-friendly since it is made of recycled polyethylene. This means that it is Manufacture in the USA. So if you want to save money and the environment at the same time, consider using the Wonder Edge. You’ll be glad you did.

Wonder Edge edging

Wonder Edge is a revolutionary product that makes edging for synthetic grass applications easier than ever. It allows installers to work quickly, while tucking the turf edge into its slot for increased structural integrity and longevity. Unlike traditional bender boards, Wonder Edge is also easy to install around trees, without the need for extra labor or spikes. Compared to traditional edging, Wonder Edge is one inch high and 2.5 inches wide, making it easy to fit around any shape or size of space.

Wonder Edge is made of post-consumer recycled plastic and is ideal for areas where pets or children play. Because the material is made of post-consumer recycled polyethylene, it’s also eco-friendly. It’s also made in the USA and is made to last for years to come. With its durability, affordability, and ease of installation, Wonder Edge is a smart choice for anyone installing an artificial grass yard.

When installing Wonder Edge edging for artificial grass, it’s important to remember that it can’t be secure to the curb. Curbing is the most permanent option. Unlike Wonder Edge, curbing cannot be secure directly to the artificial grass. To attach Wonder Edge to a curb, galvanize U-pins are needed to anchor the edge. A strong edging will last much longer than an ineffective one.

Before purchasing an edging system for artificial grass, you should think about the materials it is Consist of and its intended usage. Pressure-treated timber is a popular choice for edging and is the least expensive option. However, its lifespan is not long compare to other edging materials. When considering edging, think about whether the edging material will be use for residential or commercial applications. While pressure-treated timber edging is less expensive than composite plastic edging, it has a low-maintenance life.

SYNLawn’s Professional Strength Adhesive

SYNLawn’s Professional Strong Adhesive for Artificial Grass is an easy-to-use glue, making it an ideal choice for indoor applications. It is an industry leader in synthetic grass for landscape solutions and incorporates exclusive yarn technologies. The backers of SYNLawn artificial grass are Manufacture from renewable biobase polymers, which reduce the buildup of heat and reflect sunlight. Only SYNLawn offers biobased artificial grass with a USDA certification.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Adiseal is a single-component adhesive that can be use in dry or wet conditions. It can be apply underwater as well. It is the strongest adhesive available, and it is perfect for emergency repairs. Whether the repair is small or large, Adiseal will bond the two surfaces together. It takes 24 to 48 hours to completely cure, but the process can be accelerate by the colder temperatures.

Before applying joining tape, measure the distance between the two sections of artificial grass. A joining tape is usually 300mm wide. Use a notched flooring trowel to spread out 2mm of adhesive. Excessive glue may leech onto the fibres and be difficult to remove. Conversely, too little adhesive may cause the fake grass to fail to bond. Ensure that you use the right amount of adhesive, otherwise the joining tape will not bond properly.

SYNLawn’s synthetic turf flooring

SYNLawn’s synthetic grass is Manufacture using the latest technology to stay green and require minimum maintenance. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, SYNLawn artificial grass is ideal for playgrounds, pet turf, sports fields, and homes. Its Super Yarn technology provides a unique blend of antimicrobial, bio-based, and durable fibers.

SYNLawn offers odor control solutions to help reduce pet odors and protect your flooring against the harshest paw prints. This product is available in various textures and shades to meet your pet’s needs and preferences. It’s also available in Super Yarn for extra strength, which is ideal for indoor installations. Moreover, SYNLawn’s professional strength adhesive is specially design for seaming edges together.

SYNLawn’s NP50 and EZ Tee synthetic turf products come with an extensive network of distributors. These products come with free samples and installation instructions. The company’s NP50 products are one of the heavyweight artificial grass products available in the market. Moreover, its EasyGrass line is a Synthetic Turf Council Certified Turf Installer. For more information, visit

The durability of synthetic grass is a top priority for homeowners. With proper care, SYNLawn products can last for up to 10 years. They also prevent the growth of pests and insects and are free of harmful chemicals. Additionally, SYNLawn’s synthetic turf flooring accessories come with warranties. When purchase from a reputable source, SYNLawn’s products are guaranteed to meet your expectations.


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