Australia’s Most Popular Vehicles Revealed

Australia’s Most Popular Vehicles Revealed

Now Are you considering purchasing a new vehicle but are unsure where to begin? Well, you are in the right place, I have compiled a list of the list of Australia’s most popular vehicles.

There was some good news for buyers today as some of the major automakers appear to be getting on top of supply challenges after months of stock shortages and skyrocketing new-car costs.

In July, more than 84,400 new cars were registered, a little improvement over the Covid-19 lockdown affected month the year before.

As popular model inventories increased, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, and Mitsubishi all had significant growth in July compared to the prior year.

The best-performing vehicles in the past few months were utes and family-oriented SUVs.

The Toyota HiLux ute, of which 6441 were sold, was the most popular car in the nation. The Ford Ranger, which came next and only attracted 2934 purchasers. However, given that a new model has recently entered showrooms, Ranger sales are anticipated to soar in the upcoming months.

The following spots on the sales chart were filled by SUVs designed for families.

Best Selling Car Brands Year To Date July, 2022

Here is the complete list of the best selling car brands till the month of July.

Toyota 140,942
Mazda 57,811
Mitsubishi 47,359
Kia 46,130
Hyundai 44,959
Ford 33,001
MG 27,525
Isuzu 21,537
Subaru 19,819
Nissan 17,438

Again Toyota tops the list of the best selling cars in Australia. Looks like Toyota is the most favorite vehicle of Australians. Last year Toyota Hilux topped the best selling cars in Australia. With a total 57,811 sales, Mazda is second one in the list.

With annual sales down roughly 40%, European companies like Volkswagen and Skoda have been particularly badly impacted. Luxury brands like Lexus and Mercedes-Benz are also having trouble. Mitsubishi, KIA  and Hyundai are in the top 5.

Shaun Westcott, CEO of Mitsubishi Australia, said the supply and semiconductor uncertainties wouldn’t end soon.

He added that the growing popularity of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which require three to four times as many semiconductors as conventional vehicles, was further reducing supplies.

“All auto manufacturers have supply chain delays of five to six months. As more EVs and PHEVs are produced, demand is increasing in addition to the backlog, he explained.

“There is a catch-up game here that will take many years to play out.”

Tesla is demonstrating how variables from the outside are affecting its supply. After supplies from its Shanghai factory dried up owing to Covid-19 shutdown, the American electric car manufacturer sold roughly 200 vehicles over the course of the last three months.


So here we wrap up this blog, hope you will have known about Australia’s most popular vehicles. Now if you liked this article then do share this blog with your kith and kin! We hope you will now able to choose a vehicle which suits your driving skills.

I recommend you to get your car repaired from a car mechanic which can carry things in a professional way. So that’s all we have for you today. Let me know which car you are thinking of buying soon in near future!

If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to give feedback!

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