Best Monsoon Treks In India

Best Monsoon Treks In India

Finding a great monsoon trek is tough. I know that it is easy to select a winter trek because we have our Himalayan ranges, Himachal Pradesh. There is not the same scenario for a monsoon trek. Monsoon is a season when our Earth restarts itself or I can say in plants weather became soothing trees became greener Everything feels so different. Monsoon makes will change the view of a simple place to a magical one. So here are my pics for you to go on a trek during the magical season of the monsoon.

Sinhagad Fort, Pune 

Sinhagad fort trek is a moderate level trek and it takes only 2 days to complete the trek. The best part of this trek it’s near Pune. You can go for this trek on weekends and then continue your schedule but not last time this time with the memories like never before. Sinhagad Fort is situated at a massive altitude of 4042 feet this fort is one of the highest situated forts in our country and it’s a challenging trek which will pay off at the end when you will see the view from the top the mesmerising view of series of mountain and the season of monsoon is cherry on cake as is said monsoon season make nature magical and trees greener this happens here you will be amazed at the views from this fort it is a go-to location during the monsoon season.

Triund trek 

Triund trek is the most famous trek for a weekend from Delhi and Chandigarh, it is a moderate level trek, but as it is a Himalayan range it is one of the easiest treks you can do in the Himalayas as for the Himalayas everyone will prefer it during winter for snow but

I will suggest you try once during monsoon as the treks start with the pine forest and after some time you will find sheep eating and roaming around in mountains which looks very beautiful all this make this trek to once visit during monsoon as during monsoon and it is a small trek beginner can also do it and camping at the peak is the best part of this trip sunset and sunrise from the peak is an experience of something else can never come is a trek I would suggest you once in monsoon but be a little careful as this trip is small but is stip so be extra careful with your shoe selection.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek 

Whenever we think about Jammu and Kashmir we think it cold very cold place on Cap it is but the trek of Kashmir great lakes during monsoon you will witness 7 lakes each day as you trek and the last lake is at a height of 13000 feet approximately you will see the greenery in the mountain, Mountain covered by flowers of a different colour this is a different experience as if you go in winter you will be able to see snow which is a common thing for Kashmir but the monsoon trek will make your visit to these lakes much more special.       

Mullyangiri Trek

This is one of the highest peaks in Karnataka it is the highest one I can say and we know Karnataka is known for its Greenery and deep forest with foggy roads so how can we miss a trek during the monsoon in Karnataka Mullyangiri is the highest peak in Karnataka we can witness cloud moving around us fast winds and while you are in your way birds will be your companion you will continuously hear the melodious chirping of beards and while you go slowly to the top of the mountain you see the real beauty of Karnataka as it is a moderate level trek beginner can also visit this trek and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta pass trek is a trek suitable for beginners and professionals this trek has all the colours of nature in form of green trees, multicolour flowers, blue water lakes, milky waterfalls, and after some days of trekking you will see the mountain colour is changing getting little brown and grey with the big walls of the mountain you will see the kullu and its valley full of pine trees and apple trees imagine all this is in one trek it is breathtaking. Though the trek is a little difficult due to rain, the return it gives will let you forget all your pain.      


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