Best Root Canal Treatment in Jaipur

Best Root Canal Treatment in Jaipur


The mere thought of going to a dentist can give anxiety attacks in some people. Having a dentist whom you can trust is crucial to having a calm experience. A root canal is one of the scariest things for some people, especially when experiencing a painful tooth. If you are contemplating going to a dentist for a root canal, you shouldn’t wait further.
Going to the dentist without knowing the process can be scary. Hence, we will let you know the best root canal treatments in Jaipur and brief information about the process so that you are mentally prepared. If you live in Jaipur, AMD Dental Clinic is the best choice for tension-free oral hygiene maintenance. Read further to know more about root canal and whether or not you need it.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Your teeth have “roots” that anchor them to the jawbone. Inside each tooth there is a mixture of blood vessels and nerves which are know as the pulp. The pulp is located in a space called the pulp chamber and extends all the way to the root of the tooth. The pulp chamber inside the root of the tooth is called the canal. There are many tooth pain treatments that local dentists offer for faster relief but that does not give permanent relief. However, the first step to choosing a treatment is to know the cause of the pain. If your tooth is extremely sensitive, has trauma, or is paining a lot, you probably need a root canal.
When tooth enamel is damaged due to decay or injury, it tends to get infected and collect the pulp. The pulp gets inflamed, causing a lot of pain and sensitivity. A root canal treatment is when the dentist removes the pulp and disinfects the teeth.
To avoid tooth fracture, a dentist applies a crown or a cap over the teeth to protect them. It is necessary to get a crown to make sure you can use it. Root canal treatments are important to avoid severe pain and further tooth decay.

Do you Need Root Canal Treatment?

Many people have no idea whether or not they need a root canal treatment. If you have a constant toothache, chances are your tooth is decaying and needs help. However, the following signs are a tale-tell that you need root canal treatment as soon as possible:

Pain When Eating

One of the most common signs of a root canal that people tend to is pain while eating. You will notice a dull ache in your tooth as soon as you start eating. The pain may intensify if you eat hard foods or meat. You will have an issue with biting and chewing your food.

Sensitive and Swollen Gum

If your tooth has a dull ache and the gum around it is swollen, it is a sign of a root canal. The gum can also bleed, feel tender to touch, and extremely sensitive. Getting the tooth checked right away is best to avoid a nasty infection.

Tooth Sensitivity and Deep Decay

The common sign of a root canal is when your tooth has deep decay, and you can see the dark area. Your teeth will start to hurt whenever you drink cold or hot stuff. If you notice sharp pain every day, it is best to get a root canal.

The Step-by-step Process of a Root Canal

A dentist always performs an X-ray to determine the extent of damage to the tooth. The process is as follows for root canal treatment:

Step 1: Giving Anesthesia

Dentists use local anesthesia on your affected tooth area to numb it and make you feel as little pain as possible. You can also ask your dentist to increase the dosage if you have severe dental anxiety or a low pain threshold.

Step 2: Dental Barrier

A barrier is a dental dam that dentists place on the affected tooth to keep it from drying. It helps to better look at the tooth and disinfect it properly.

Step 3: Hole and Pulp Removal

Dentists make a small hole in the tooth to access the decay and remove the pulp. They use a small scraper to remove the infected nerve, tissue, and vessels.

Step 4: Canal Shaping

After properly disinfecting the tooth and thoroughly cleaning it, dentists shape the canal. It gets the tooth ready for upcoming procedures.

Step 5: Filling and Sealing the Tooth

Gutta-percha is a rubbery material that dentists use to fill the gap in the tooth. It is a temporary dental filling that helps in preventing bacteria from entering the tooth.

Step 6: Final Restoration

The tooth after a root canal is not in the best shape to eat or drink. Hence, you can get a crown over the tooth to make it useful when eating or drinking. It also helps in keeping sensitivity at bay.

What are the consequences of not treating root canals?

If the pain you feel goes away, it does not mean that your tooth has healed over time, but the nerve inside the tooth has completely died and the infection has grown into the fork. Bacteria from the infection can enter the gum and jaw tissues, causing abscesses to fill with pus. This can lead to serious illnesses such as heart disease and stroke.

Does a root canal hurt?

Because the patient is under anesthesia, root canal treatment is no more painful than conventional dental procedures such as fillings or wisdom tooth extractions. However, after surgery, the root canal is often painful or slightly numb and may cause mild discomfort for a few days.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Root Canal?

A root canal is an intimidating procedure, a process that is not very painful. You are under anesthesia’s effects, which is why you don’t feel much. On the other hand, recovery is also very quick and takes less than a week.
It is best to eat soft foods not to stress the tooth. Eating cold stuff such as ice cream can also be beneficial and help you heal faster. You can resume your daily activities a few hours after your root canal.

Our Recommendation: Visit AMD Dental Clinic for Best Root Canal Treatment Now!

If you are looking for the best root canal treatment near me, you should visit AMD Dental Clinic in Jaipur. The clinic is beside Vidhan Sabha in the heart of Jaipur and is quite easy to navigate. If you have dental anxiety, you will be in the safer hands of dental professionals at the AMD Dental clinic. Root canal treatment cost in Jaipur is high at some dentists but AMD have some professional dentists who provide affordable treatments for problems related to root canal.

The experience, new technology, and latest knowledge make the clinic reliable. People swear by the relaxing surrounding and cleanliness AMD Dental Clinic provides.

Is AMD Dental Clinic Worth it?

AMD Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Jaipur, with affordable prices and high-quality service. Here, you will be treated by experienced dentists who can give you painless treatment. It provides an edge-cutting service with high-quality dental care spreading the best smiles across Jaipur. If you are looking for a customer-oriented dental clinic, AMD is, without a doubt, worth visiting.


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