Best Study Motivation Tips For Competitive Exam Preparation

Best Study Motivation Tips For Competitive Exam Preparation

Learners are seen to procrastinate before starting to study. The reason can be different for different students; some feel that the syllabus is beyond their abilities and too vast.

Some students keep waiting for the perfect time. So, the first step is to keep oneself motivated and develop a proper study routine. There is a famous saying that humans are creatures of habit. So, the best way to study well for an exam is to make it a habit.

Make a perfect timetable for yourself as habits are not formed overnight. For example, working on a finance dissertation might need a lot of practice. So work well before getting the hang of everything.

It is suggested to break down the task. For instance, while preparing for a competitive essay, students can look for online tools to form a concrete structure. Before students ask others who will do my essay, they must have a glance at the tips and techniques offered by experts online.

A plan is needed for all the students to perform their best. Do not keep your study time too long as completing big units in a day can be tiring. Instead, try to chunk down your tasks and manage study breaks in your schedule.

Start by dividing the subjects and chapters so that it is easy to concentrate and you will be able to learn better. Then, try to maintain enough study and practice schedules. Always reward yourself for every task you complete, and it can be anything.

What is a competitive exam?

Competitive exams are central exams conducted yearly, and candidates are ranked as per the grades obtained. Therefore, the selection is crucial, and the rankers are selected based on their performance in their respective categories. While millions of individuals attend the exams each year, the selection criteria are strict and solely based on performance. Students can take competitive exams to get a job in a public sector organisation.

The main motive is to get the best candidate for a particular discipline. However, the competitive exam level can vary depending on the test level, format, and subject.

The usual pattern of any competitive exam is an objective test followed by a personality test. The test is conducted for various venues across the country.

The competitive exams can include bank tests, defence exams, insurance, railway exams, UGC, and UPSC exams. In addition, competitive exams like GMAT, GRE, GATE, SAT, NET etc., are conducted for professional schools.

We highlight some of the reasons why an individual can focus well while preparing for competitive exams.


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Determine why you want to get good grades

Keep asking yourself why you want good grades first place, and then list all the reasons so that you can score high in the exams. Students wish to learn and develop over some time. They want to be admitted to a good school and want to succeed. The list will give you reasons to study if you feel demotivated and help you achieve your goals.

 Be completely organised

Students must summarise all the information. Get into taking notes, preparing tables, and highlighting important lines and points. By being organised, a student will be able to maintain their focus. It also helps them in making quick revisions. Students must also learn how to make a boring subject interesting.

Students find it challenging to focus on the subjects they find dull. Try to engage in the issue in different ways. Study the chapters in detail, and get hold of videos and other visual content on any topic. There are many free videos on YouTube, so just try and make the best use of them.

 Understand the topic well and set targets

 Don’t just memorise a topic when you are studying. Understanding something goes a long way, and you do not tend to forget it. However, some memorisation is necessary for specific subjects. Make it a habit to understand the concepts as it will help pursue higher education. Put the idea into practice too.

Setting a target is the best way to stay motivated. Group studies are another excellent way to break from the mundane pattern of studies. It should be ensured that the chosen group must have bright students so that you can quickly assess the knowledge. The company of good students will help clarify the doubts and improvise on the weaker areas.

Test the knowledge

If you keep testing your knowledge, it will give an immense boost to study with more zeal. Solving sample papers and previous years’ papers helps determine the weak areas. It will help the students to keep the students motivated.

Follow a balanced diet and drink lots of fluid

Keep the energy high throughout. Try to consume eight to ten glasses of water. One can also include buttermilk in their diet. Avoid having fried, oily or sugary food as it can make one feel lethargic. Proper sleep is equally essential. So students must avoid sleeping less as it will do more harm than good. One must take 7-8 hours of sleep to study efficiently.

 Exercise and indulge in any activity

Students must squeeze in half an hour each day to exercise or work out. Students feel energised, and their stress levels are lowered. Studying for long hours will make one exhausted. Students tend to feel dull and demotivated. Take time off to visit friends as it helps focus better with a lot of enthusiasm.

Take breaks and relax

Adequate breaks are as important as studying for the exam. They increase your learning efficiency. So take a deep breath, meditate if you like, and remember why you started. Students might feel drained after long hours of study and find difficulty concentrating. The approach is not suitable for studying, and it is best suggested to take short breaks after every hour. Involve yourself in deep breathing exercises for rejuvenation.

Follow the above ideas diligently to stay motivated throughout the preparation process.

Author bio: Alison Lewis is a research associate at the University of California. She is also a part of  and supports students in achieving their academic goals. Sarah is a sports enthusiast and prefers to indulge herself in different activities. She is actively involved in swimming.

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