Best Technology Stack Used For Mobile App Development

Best Technology Stack Used For Mobile App Development

The technology stack can impact many aspects of your mobile application development project, including a budget, time, security, quality, and security. The backbone of an application’s technology stack is what makes it user-friendly and helps to make it popular with users.

However, most owners don’t know what technology stack to use in mobile app development. This is critical for your app development.

We will be discussing in detail the technology stacks that can be used for mobile app development in this article.

Javascript/React Native:

React Native is an open-source platform that allows mobile apps to be compatible with both android and ios. React Native is the most widely used framework for iOS and Android operating systems. React-native’s tech stack allows mobile applications to be developed that can run on both iOS and Android devices. It’s a better choice to create an app that can run on both Android and iOS with the same budget than to spend more money on a separate application.


Kotlin is a pragmatic, statically-typed programming language. It is an object-oriented, open-source programming language. It was designed to work with the Java Virtual Machine. Kotlin’s development is focused on safety, clarity, as well as tooling support. Modern Kotlin allows you to focus more on your ideas than code. Kotlin can be described as a simplified version of Java.


It is a primary programming language that is used to develop iOS applications. It is a C programming language used to install small talk messages to the application. Only iOS devices can run mobile applications using the Objective-C tech stack. The object-c tech stack does not call a method. Instead, it sends a message. This is the C++ language. What is different between these two concepts is the way the code is referenced in the operating system to send messages and execute the feature.


The swift language can be used to search for applications when someone develops an iOS application. Apple uses this programming language to develop applications for their mobile phones and desktops. Apple uses this programming language to create applications for Apple devices such as macOS, iOS, and TV os. This language replaces Objective-C to perform searches on devices. This code is easier to read and write than objective C.


Python is a high-level programming language that can be used to create applications on specific devices. It is used to build websites, and mobile apps, automate tasks and conduct data analysis. Python can be used for many purposes. It is not intended to solve any particular problem.

Front-End Technology Stacks

The tech stacks that are used to run the front-end of an application’s functionality are different from the backend. There is software that works on the front end. This software’s are responsible for maintaining the user experience on mobile apps by leveraging the UI/UX design of the app.

Tech Stacks Use In iOS Devices At The Front-End

  • Swift: Swift allows the application to be run on web servers. It is simple to write and easy to read.
  • Oblig-C: Oblig-C programming language is a bit like C++. It’s used to install small talk messages. Swift programming language has replaced it. Swift is simple to install and allows the application to be compatible with web app development

Tech Stacks Use In Android Devices At The Front-End

  • Java/Kotlin: Kotlin looks a lot like a Java programming language. Kotlin can be described as a tidy, simplified version of Java.
  • Android Operating Systems: To install the apps on android devices.

Backend tech stack:

The backend tech stack makes it easy to use the application’s functions. The application’s smooth operation can be made possible by technology stacks in the backend.

These two programming languages use the backend.

(i) M: Mongo Database

E: Express JavaScript

A: Angular Javascript

N: Node Javascript

(ii) L: Linux Operating System

A: Apache HTTP server


P: PHP programming languages

Tech Stacks for Mobile App Development:

Different tech stacks are used to develop an application also a specific device operating system.

Tech Stack Use In Native Mobile App Development

Native mobile apps are designed specifically for specific operating systems like iOS or Android. These apps can be downloaded from both the app store and the google play store.

iOS apps are written in Objective-C or Swift.

Java is used to write Android apps

These apps are more reliable and faster for users’ experience

Native apps can interact with features of the device, such as a microphone, camera, GPS, and so forth.

Because these native applications are designed for one device, they require a large budget. You will need to pay an additional fee if you wish to run it on another device.

Tech Stack Use In Web App Mobile App Development:

Web apps are websites optimized for mobile browsers and although apps can be used on any browser and any device. You can use Safari for iOS or Chrome for Google to do this.

Web applications can be written in HTML 5 and Angular Javascript.

Web apps are cheaper to develop and are compatible enough for both browsers on the devices.

These apps are sometimes slower and more difficult to access through the app store.

Tech Stack In Hybrid Mobile App Development:

Hybrid apps combine the best of native and web applications. Hybrid apps can be run on both iOS devices as well Android devices.

These applications can be written in HTML5 or Java Script operating languages.

Mobile apps wrap WEb pages. The following app is created using cross platforms,

1. React,

2. Ionic

3. Sencha

Hybrid apps are simple to develop as they use the same operating language as native and web applications. This makes them less expensive than natives and takes less time to develop.


A database is the collection of data that relates to users who have registered on your platform. It also describes how the application is structured. Amazon Web Server for Hosting is the most widely used database storage device.

It can be stored on Mongo or My SQL.

Wrapping up:

It is a smart idea to hire a mobile app development company to help you start your project. Soft Suave Technologies is one of the best  App development companies that employ full-stack developers that are experts in their fields. You can both work together on your project


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