Best Toddler Travel Backpack

Best Toddler Travel Backpack

You will also find a Little Kid mountaintop pack, which we believe is one of the best toddler travel packs out there, given its pockets for organization and the variety of colors/patterns available. While the Mountaintop Little Kid Backpack would not work best in daycares (given its smaller size), you will get plenty of use out of it with 2 – 4-year-olds. You will be able to use this for travel and as a hiking backpack for small children. These two styles are among the best backpacks that the Travel Family has used from Cotopaxi to take on a trip with kids.

What is the best kids traveling backpack?

We had excellent baby packs for our kids for several years, and I have a really nice Osprey one too that I bring with me anywhere. As you know, I travel with an Osprey Porter 46, which I absolutely love, and it is part of why I recommend the Osprey Pogo as a better kid backpack. Because of that, the best kids’ travel backpack is certainly something that a lot of kids can handle on their own. While young kids might not yet be starting school full-time, and certainly will not have a lot to haul around, the best kids backpack for traveling, is also perfect for daycare, camping, or daily use.

well-padded straps are important

The best backpacks for traveling, meanwhile, offer well-padded straps to ensure that kids carry their loads comfortably. By all means, kids could use any old backpack that they used back home, but, as you will know from experience, backpacks for travel are designed slightly differently, with specifically designed compartments that allow you to travel with greater convenience. For mothers who need to carry lots of stuff, The North Face Surge Backpack is the best backpack for traveling with kids as it makes things easy to access and easier to organize. I would say that this kids backpack from Deuter is the best backpack for traveling with kids, especially if you want to let your child carry his or her own backpack.

Timing is everything

If, however, you get lots of kids their own backpacks before they are ready, keep in mind this might lead to having one extra carry-on. Even if some of these miniature backpacks for kids are small and carry little, they still count against your carry-on allowance, and depending on what kind of trip you are taking, you might not want to lose this allowance. Regardless, our recommendation is that you use these mini kid backpacks for smaller kids that are simply carrying along their small trinkets and toys for the trip. Worn over your shoulders by two straps, kids travel backpacks range greatly in size and capability, ranging from small children all the way up to teens.


Best travel backpacks for small kids (4-6 years) Preschoolers are just starting to get comfortable carrying a slightly larger bag with a bit more bulk — but you should still enter the experience expecting that you might eventually have to carry it yourself as they get tired.



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