Biofeedback therapy is a therapy that helps a patient to learn how to control physiological functions. It is an effective treatment for all those who are severely effective from migraines, urinary incontinence, headaches anxiety, and many other physical and mental disorders. Through biofeedback therapy, one may access to measure physiological activities like brain impulses, breathing muscle activity, skin temperature, and heart function. Through biofeedback therapy San Francisco people can learn about how to relax their minds and bodies.

Types of biofeedback therapy

Here through the biofeedback therapy people are learning and getting an understanding of the functions of the body like blood pressure, blood flow, heart rate, pain perception, and muscle tension. There are, multiple types of biofeedback therapy that are helpful for a patient in getting an effective cure. Respiratory biofeedback, heart rate variability biofeedback, galvanic skin response, blood pressure biofeedback, thermal biofeedback, neurofeedback, electromyography. These are all the different types of biofeedback therapy which is effective for different illness and diseases.

How much time taken is this therapy?

Mainly it is known as a type of training, that helps people improve their skills to cope up with their diseases the whole session is not so long it is all about of 30 to 60 minutes which may divide in 6 to 10 sessions depends upon the treatment one requires. It also depends upon the conditions, goals, and responsibilities of the patient.

The biofeedback therapy is done through electrical sensors which are connect to the patient’s body depending upon the condition and situation. Further, it is connect with a device to get the output of the results on the patient’s physical response. Some different kinds of mental exercises are also involve in the session. It includes meditation, breathing, and relaxing techniques. And it is all to be monitor by a therapist who is involve with the patient in his treatment.

Biofeedback helps in curing with

Biofeedback is a therapy that has been use to cure a variety of different conditions which is connect with the brain and body. biofeedback therapy manages the stress level and anxiety. Also, it manages Depression, Migrations, Pains, and physical reactions to stress. Blood pressure, Digestive disorders, and stress management.


Biofeedback therapy helps in getting treat for multiple disorders and also it has multiple benefits too. It does not involve any kind of medications so people prefer it more when they are unable to take medicines. Could also helps in situations where other things do not work. Also gives relaxing techniques and strategies that help cool down the stress level. It also helps in controlling emotions and stress. It is the best way to help improve the control over body and mind. The feeling of being in charge and empowerment becomes strong after being a part of it. biofeedbacks therapy also motivates people and helps them to be confident.

is biofeedback therapy effective for everyone?

Things that need to consider here is that it is not effective for every patient or every age. Before going towards biofeedbacks therapy one must ensure to discuss it with your physician. In some situations and cases, it does not work well. Only the experience and professional therapist can give biofeedbacks therapy to the desired and concerned person. However, it does not harm the human body but still, there is a need to consult a physician.

There are no side effects and harm has been report uptill now, therefore biofeedback therapy is considered a safe and curable treatment. And if one needs to be a part of it, then he must contact qualified biofeedback practitioners only.


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