Child Protection Using Spy App For Android

Child Protection Using Spy App For Android

Parents want to protect their children from all sorts of threats and dangers. When they are young, it is easy to monitor them. As they start growing up, it becomes more and more difficult to keep them insight. This is especially the case with teenagers. No matter how hard you try, as soon as they hit puberty, they want to act like adults. Children of this age want to take no permission to go anywhere. In the name of exploring themselves, they want to try a million new things. We, as parents, suffered through this with my eldest son. You know how teenagers work you all up with worries and trouble. I promised myself to find a solution to this worrisome situation before the situation gets out of hand. I discussed my thoughts with fellow mothers, and almost everyone had gone through it one time or another. Some of them were still passing this phase with their children. One mother kept listening to all the complaints and shared her experience with us. She said she went through the same thing with her boys and used a spy app for android TheOneSpy to get a hold of them.

My son went all rouge after his thirteenth birthday. He started hanging out with older people, in dangerous places. Along with this, one day I got a call from school that he was bunking classes as well. That was the last straw in the decision, I had enough of his shenanigans. On her recommendation, I gave it a chance. I downloaded the app and installed it on my son’s phone. It had so many features I never thought of in the first place. Some features of the TheOneSpy spy app for android I use are call logs, monitoring instant messaging chats, location history, live location tracking, browsing history, and blocking of unwanted or malicious websites.

Call logs:

Using this feature, you can look at all the calls your children received. What are the numbers who call them frequently? How long do they keep talking to their friends and how frequently are they in contact with each other? So, in case there is a number who is making a lot of contact with your child, you can check out and save your child from any wrongful person.

Monitor Instant Messaging:

Just like the name, this app exactly does this. You know kids these days practically live on messaging apps, social media apps and websites. They shared all their views and feelings on these platforms. It is easy for parents to monitor their activity through instant messaging. If your children are upset, happy or excited about something. But they do not want to share, you can take a hint from these accounts. It helped us a lot to strengthen our bond. Similarly, if they are in trouble and scared to tell you. Someone can handle the situation timely without serious damage.

Location History:

Fellow mothers, I can not stop raving about this feature. My son gave me heart attacks one too many times when I cannot reach him. I thought of all the things that could go wrong and was not able to relax until he came back. But thank god for the TheOneSpy app, I can view where he was. With the help of this spy app for android, I can keep track of his activities. Make a strict check if he went to school or not. After school where does he goes and are those places safe for him or not.

Browsing History:

There is so much stuff online which is not good for young minds. Monitoring the browsing history best Technology can keep children safe from malicious websites. I blocked many websites that have adult content and kept my children safe. You can block distracting websites so they can focus on study during the allotted time. With this, my son’s grades improved and now he studies with more focus.

I am thrilled that I found this great app, which helped me with my children’s safety. But it also saves me time from constantly worrying about them. It made our bond even stronger. I recommend this app to all my friends who are in the same situation.


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