Common Mistakes Students Commit While Crafting an Argumentative Essay

Common Mistakes Students Commit While Crafting an Argumentative Essay

It is a piece of writing that requires the student to analyse a topic, gather information and present evidence based on research and findings, and establish a claim on the topic concisely. Academic essays are of multiple types, argumentative essays being one of them. While crafting these essays, students face many challenges and may require argumentative essay help from reliable experts.

However, students also make many mistakes while writing an argumentative essay. We are here to tell you about common mistakes you must avoid while writing your essay.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Argumentative Essay

Not organising your argumentative essay.

Most of the topics assigned for an argumentative essay are challenging and tough. You Have to consider a lot of aspects while writing a good one. Students get straight into research or writing as they are assigned a task. But, in the case of an argumentative essay, outlining and organising your thoughts is the most important thing you got to do without a second thought!

The best way to avoid any hassle is to make a schedule. You can easily divide your tasks through a routine and easily manage other tasks along with the assignments. To create a schedule for your essay, mark every stage of writing and add all the significant tasks needed to carry it along with writing. It includes outlining, researching, writing, revising and proofreading. You will be able to save time and keep things more organised. You can also approach argumentative essay writing experts if you struggle to plan or outline your essay.

Not adding a thesis statement to begin your argumentative essay.

A thesis statement is an essential part of your essay. You.. must add it to the introduction paragraph, keeping it crisp and to the point. A strong thesis statement can keep the readers hooked on your writing. You can add a thesis statement that is arguable and not just a statement of fact. Hence, you need to create a solid thesis statement because it demonstrates the core idea and is the main part of the paper. Creating a thesis statement may seem to be a challenging task for many students, but in reality, it isn’t so.

However, if you face many challenges while writing it, hiring a professional who can provide argumentative essay help can be a good solution. Understanding the topic well is necessary to craft a thesis statement. The thesis statement helps you stay on track. Your thesis statement should align with the rest of your essay; hence, you can keep tracking every time to ensure you are always on the right track.

Not providing enough arguments.Crafting an Argumentative Essay in UAE

The argumentative essay has to be a form of self-explanatory writing. To make your essay seem more substantial, engaging and professional, you must add enough argument and explanation for your readers. You can imagine that your readers have no idea about the topic you are talking about in your essay, and add all the relevant explanations for every for and against the argument.

Not keeping your sources on point.

A good source is a base for a good essay. Students often fail to find one and add irrelevant information to their essays. You can browse through the abstract of certain websites to identify if the sources are worthy. Some of the most commonly used online sources are Wikipedia. Also, it doesn’t always deliver the right information for scholarly articles. You can also check Google scholar to get help with your essay. If you need a more guided solution for getting authentic sources, consider taking help from argumentative essay writing experts.

Not including enough examples.

Argumentative essays are controversial. Students often skip adding examples because they think adding them will make the essay lengthy and controversial. However, examples demonstrate specific perceptions and students’ understanding of the topic. Adding good examples to prove your points can help make your essay seem interesting and impressive. You can take examples from reliable resources, including news, journal articles etc.

Not formatting argumentative essay.

Formatting your essay perfectly is essential for you. Colleges or universities often give guidelines for formatting your argumentative essay. Students who overlook this aspect may not e able to present a perfect task before the audience. Also, your instructor may give you fewer marks for your essay if you fail to follow the formatting styles and guidelines.

Wasting a lot of time on research

Although research is the key to a successful essay or any academic writing, you must do it thoughtfully. Don’t get into gathering information unnecessarily. Spend limited time on research and start writing once you have enough information. If you struggle with research, you can always take analysis essay help and get assistance from an expert. They have a good understanding of conducting research work and can easily guide you through the process.

Repetitions of words and sentences

Students often repeat words and sentences, or an idea in their essays. You must not write an to achieve the word count target. Write it to deliver something informative to your readers. Repetitions kill your creativity, so keeping your content unique and comprehensive is suggested.

Using Irrelevant facts or statements in your body paragraph

An argumentative essay’s main objective is to give readers some information. Sometimes, students add irrelevant information or facts that they don’t verify. This may be due to the use of wrong information resources. You may have already received a list of resources you can use for research. However, if you are still required to gather more information, you can browse through educational websites or visit your college library to gather credible information.

In conclusion, introducing new ideas or information

Is a kind of summary of the entire essay. Adding any new information or idea to the conclusion must strictly be prohibited. Adding any of them may confuse the reader, and they may go nuts, searching for the link between the entire essay and the conclusion. Also, don’t skip writing the conclusion as it is a significant part of the essay.

Not proofreading the entire essay once it is over.

Proofreading is an essential step in every form of academic writing. You must proofread your argumentative essay before the final submission to avoid silly mistakes, grammar, or issues with the sister structure. You may have many grammatical errors when you submit your paper without proofreading. This will irritate your readers. You may not be able to convey your ideas and thoughts in the right way. Hence, you must always proofread your expository essay once you complete it. Or you can also use online tools to rectify grammatical errors.

How Is an Argumentative Essay Different from an Expository Essay

  • The basic difference between both essays is that an expository essay contains information that explains a certain topic. In contrast, an argumentative essay has facts, data, and the writer’s perspective.
  • An expository essay is neutral, while an argumentative essay is biased and subjective.
  • An argumentative essay is based on the first person’s perspective, while an expository essay is based on the third person’s perspective.
  • An expository essay has a thesis statement that introduces the essay’s title, while in an argumentative essay, the thesis statement introduces the argument.

If you are still wondering how to curate an argumentative essay, get argumentative essay help from an expert online.


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