Complete Beginners Guide to Starting a Blog on your own

Complete Beginners Guide to Starting a Blog on your own

Starting a blog has never been easier. Follow these steps to get off to a good start

What was once thought of as a hobby or a form of digital journaling, is now much more than that. Starting a good blog for your business is almost inevitable if you want to have a successful online presence.

If you’ve read through the various successful blogs, you’ve probably wondered or wanted to have your own blog. Many people shy away from thinking that owning a blog takes a lot of effort, hassle, and  a lot of technical knowledge, but the opposite is true.

This article lists a complete checklist of steps to follow  to get your blog, up and running.

Tips to Start a Blog from Scratch

How to Select the Topic of your Blog

Many people make the mistake of jumping right into the implementation task without really thinking about what they’re going to write about. It is very important to be clear about the topic and niche you are following as it determines various aspects such as: B. Who are your competitors, what is your target audience, what kind of traffic are you tracking If you want to monetize your blog, how will you convert the traffic?

It’s easy if you own the product. You might write a topic related to your product to attract that type of audience. To give a common example, if you sell coffee beans, describe the coffee, its types, the different types and flavors of coffee, the ingredients, how it is prepared, etc. Likewise, if you’re in the real estate business, you might want to know if you have a studio or a one-bed apartment on topics like what it’s like to live near the ocean, or the best place to buy a two-bed apartment. is suitable. These are just a few examples. The list is endless.

Even if you don’t have a product you just want to write about, be clear about what you intend to write about if you plan to monetize it. People write on all sorts of subjects and still make tons of money from it.

Finding the right Hosting Provider

Once you have decided on a theme, think about the domain name around that theme. If you have a brand, that’s fine. You can name your website after your brand. Otherwise, we recommend browsing the niche. Select your domain registrar and check domain availability. Then comes the task of choosing a hosting provider, and if you are a beginner, I recommend choosing an optimized WordPress Hosting Provider. A managed hosting platform provides user support and allows you to work on your content without worrying about technical issues. WordPress Backed websites are great and have protection against common issues like 500 internal error.

Cloudways managed WordPress hosting is fast and reliable with 24/7 support. Cloud-based hosting is usually suitable for beginners who are also looking to expand in the future.Once you have decided on a domain name and hosting provider, choose a website builder to create a basic website. Most website builders like WordPress have beautiful themes and useful plugins that you can add to your website. Your blog will be up and running in no time.

Be consistent when posting to your blog

This is important if you want to get regular readers. People expect fresh content from your blog. Start blogging when you have 25-30 posts ready. You can start with 15 posts and publish new posts regularly on set days of the week. Two to four times a week is usually a good amount. But it also  depends a lot on your job. For example, for news blogs, 50-100 per day is normal. I’m not going to do that here, but the content should be updated regularly. You can use tools like Buzzsumo to find topics to write on.

Read a lot to increase your knowledge

One of the main problems that people face in keeping their blogs active is that they run of ideas and topics to write on. It is an understandable issue because many times writers also face writer’s block but the digital content producers do not have the luxury to do so. One great way is to read more and more. Subscribe to other big bloggers in your niche. Continuously read about your so you have new material to write on. Also read about blogging tips and tricks so that you get new ideas about how to create posts around topics in various ways. You do not want your readers to get monotonous content.

Make sure your content reaches the right people

Aside from organic efforts, it’s also important to indulge in paid activities and market your content. You can try things like Facebook ads to target  specific audiences on your blog. Reach out to people relevant to your area. Ask them to promote your content. Once you become famous yourself, you can return the favor. Attracting the right audience to your blog is very important in order to gain regular readers.

Using Social Media is another great way to market your content. Create social media pages for your blog on platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and YouTube (if you also have video content) and create groups on popular platforms like WhatsApp. SNS is free, so please use it actively. However, since it is free, everyone is using it, and the competition is fierce, so it may take some time before you notice it at first. The key is not to lose hope too quickly.

These are some tips and tricks for potential bloggers. Even if the task seems daunting there is no harm in trying to start. It is the beginning to a great journey with endless possibilities.

Hoping this post will motivate you to start a blog. Happy writing



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