Computer Network Assignment Help: What is Information Technology and Computer Networking?

Computer Network Assignment Help: What is Information Technology and Computer Networking?


Information technology refers to the creation, maintenance, and use of systems for storing, retrieving, and transmitting data, particularly computer systems, software, and networks. The technique of electrically connecting two or more computing equipment to share information via data links is known as computer networking.

There is a disadvantage to the fast-paced, ever-changing universe of technology and communications: hackers. Hackers attempt to breach personal and corporate networks regularly; ransomware, identity theft, data loss/manipulation, and denial of service assaults are just a few employed methods.

Overview of the Program

This two-year curriculum is based on the Cisco Networking Academy’s IT Essentials and CCNA Routing and Switching courses. Assembling, disassembling, and repairing computers; troubleshooting hardware and software; designing, installing, and maintaining wired and wireless computer systems; configuring switches and routers; designing network infrastructure; troubleshooting network design and installation; customer service and technical support are some of the topics and skills covered in this course.

Students will have had the following experiences and opportunities at the end of the program:

  • Finishing a cornerstone project: The training culminates in a comprehensive project that includes technology acquisition recommendations and network architecture.
  • Take part in real-world initiatives and difficulties in the business: Students will typically collaborate in groups to create and develop creative solutions to class assignments and industry difficulties supervised by the program’s corporate partners, much as they would in the real world.
  • Collaborate with experts in the field: Industry partners host students in a range of job shadowing experiences, classroom projects with partners on specific assignments, and guest lectures in our classrooms resulting in long-term partnerships and potential employment chances.
  • Take use of cutting-edge technologies: A laptop is offered to IT Computer Networking students. May find the following items in the advanced learning lab: PCs – Laptop computers – assembly/disassembly, maintenance, and cable manufacturing hand tools – network cables and equipment for cable testing – Cisco routers and switches
  • You can get up to 28 college credits

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