Corrugated Cardboard Boxes: Why Are These Essential for Shipping Products

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes: Why Are These Essential for Shipping Products

Corrugated cardboard is the most popular material for transporting various items. Although it may not initially seem like the most technologically advance material, this type of cardboard is designed to be use to transport things.

Maybe you’ve wondered why to use corrugated cardboard to transport your goods. Whatever the case, this guide describes the qualities that make corrugated cardboard the perfect material for shipping your unique products.

Corrugated boxes are excellent for shipping and handling due to their robustness and protect package products. Corrugated boxes can withstand long shipping times, making them the top choice for packaging solutions.

From its durability to low costs and long-term sustainability, there are many reasons why corrugated cardboard is widely used as a shipping material.

Provide Protection to Your Products during Storage and Shipping

The level of protection offered by corrugated boxes is why many companies use them to ship their products. Single-walled boxes can protect their contents better than their less imposing appearance suggests.

Each wall comprises two separate layers of lining board, forming an inner layer of corrugated sheet. The outer layers provide rigidity, while the grooved center section provides cushioning to protect items.

Single-walled corrugated cardboard boxes provide adequate impact protection for most non-delicate items from damage during shipping. For more fragile products, double-walled corrugated cardboard boxes are ideal.

Cost Effective: Save Money

Another significant advantage of corrugated cardboard for companies is price efficiency. Corrugated cardboard is an economical material that fits into the budget of most companies that need to ship goods, especially when purchasing large quantities.

The cost savings do not end there, however. Its multi-layered structure can withstand similar amounts of stress compared to other materials without being as heavy. Corrugated cardboard is solid and light. The boxes are ideal for delivery at a reduced cost.

Durable Packaging

Durable Packaging: Reusable

Corrugated cardboard is among the most environmentally friendly packaging materials on the market. These boxes are easy to fold, making them simple for people to reuse.

If you have cardboard boxes you no longer use, we encourage you to reuse these boxes. Corrugation cardboard is a widely recycled material that can reduce the environmental footprint.

Custom Die-Cut Cardboard Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Cardboard is use in numerous packaging applications, including moving houses, packing laptops for mailing, and even food products.

These boxes can be customize to carry various items of different sizes, thicknesses, and colors.

Die-cut boxes provide strength with a flap closure system that does not require packing tape. These boxes are also an excellent way to send products through the postal system. Die-cut cardboard box is commonly used for packaging subscription boxes.


Cardboard is also an excellent material for personalization. It is an ideal base for various printing options such as screen, lithography, and digital printing.

Easy to Assemble, Store and Handle

The compact shape of corrugated boxes makes them easy to carry when loading and unloading. They can also be fold to take up a smaller area when not in use, making them suitable for storage.

We hope this post will answer why corrugated cardboard is used for product shipping. Rush Custom Boxes offers a wide range of single and double wall boxes and die-cut boxes suitable for postal use if you want to purchase corrugated cardboard boxes.

Corrugated Boxes

FAQs about Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

What is a Corrugated Cardboard Box?

A corrugation box is produce from different types of cardboard materials. It has an inner lining, an outer lining, and a corrugated sheet in the middle of the cardboard that can withstand great force, increasing its capacity.

Usually, We See Pizza Boxes, Are They Make of Cardboard Stock?

The pizza boxes are make of corrugation cardboard.

Is Corrugation Cardboard Bendable?

Corrugated cardboard is rigid, so an accidental bend or fold is difficult to achieve. It would be best if you used a ruler and pencil to mark the fold you want to fold it from. While holding the ruler, fold the corrugated cardboard over the ruler.

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Is Corrugation Cardboard Recyclable?

Yes! All cardboard can be recycle. For liquid and juice containers, So, it is essential to determine their specific requirements; contamination could render them non-recyclable.

Is This Material Compostable?

Corrugated cardboard is compostable. It is most effective at decomposing when chopped and mixed with other green materials.

Is This Environmentally Friendly?

Corrugated cardboard can be a green alternative to packaging material. It is make from 100% recycle paper.

Where to Buy Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Rush Custom Boxes offer a range of corrugated boxes in various shapes and sizes to meet your packaging needs.


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