CRM Business should Invest in SuiteCRM BCC Archive Product. Why?

CRM Business should Invest in SuiteCRM BCC Archive Product. Why?

If your team is communicating with clients from different devices, it’s okay. But how are they updating the conversation in CRM software? Manually? Se, it’s great to communicate and reply to the client’s query faster but your CRM must have all updated conversations. In lieu of manually doing this, you must invest in SuiteCRM BCC Archive (Premium) product. 

How is it a Powerful extension for your Business?

You choose a mobile phone to reply to your client. The only thing you need to do is just BCC: (just an example) and our extension will scan all this and update CRM Customer History in real-time automatically. 

This does not create any kind of confusion between the team and the owner. Whosoever replies to the clients’ query anytime, the customer history in CRM automatically gets updated. It’s also advantageous for your business because both parties’ conversations will remain in one place. So, no need to follow any outdated method to create a mess up for your business team.

Scanning Emails and creating Inbound Setting is Crucial Feature

The product has both Lite and Premium versions. But if you go for the Premium version, a user can create Multiple Inbound Settings for their business. Your Growth-minded organization will love this functionality as One single inbound setting might not be a requirement of some businesses. 

Investing in SuiteCRM BCC Archive (Premium) is worthy. It makes this customer history updating task faster for your CRM Business. Because it can scan CC, TO, FROM, BODY, Subject, and BCC easily. Parsing information in these makes this operation work perfectly for you. 

We have a Great Story to tell here.

Last year in 2021, a client talked about this misunderstanding with the team. He said, “Whenever I reply to my leads for Social media Integration projects through tablet or mobile, I update my CRM later when I reach home. My team feels like the boss has not replied yet so they share the same solution with the lead. The leads get confused about why they are sending separate emails. So, they ask me separately which email is right to go for.”

We replied, “See it’s your mistake because you are not updating your CRM history in real-time. But we have a Great optimal solution for you. Your company needs a BCC Archive (Premium) product. It will update the conversation in CRM automatically. This saves your time too! Select any device to reply as you are not restricted now. 

The client is still in touch and is happy with all the ultimate functionality of this add-on. He believes whatever conversation you do, your CRM must be updated. So, the BCC Archive add-on is magnificent for this operation to save your efforts. 

What’s the Role of Activity Logger here?

The Plugin will scan the Email Inbox after every One minute. Maybe you want to know the scanning timing or about the New parsed email. For this, you can go straight to the Activity Logger. It will uncover all this important information for you. 

The Extension can also deliver the Notification to you. It will always alert you when an email is attached to the CRM customer History. Choose any module too. You again are not at all restricted to working under one module. 

Start with a Trial Period to understand better

First off, the current cost of this product is $550.00 and for unlimited users. You can also grab the advantage of the Free Product Tour service for getting in-depth about Installation and Configuration. A user can start with a Trial period too. Go for a 3 Days Risk-Free Trial for this plugin. 

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