Cupcake Liner Flowers

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Cupcake Liner Flowers

These colourful cupcake liner flowers are simple to make for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Spring is here, and it’s the moment to appreciate some flowered craft works. Kids will adore making flowers after respecting them in their green or vicinity, or they can make a flowery craft for a loved one for Mother’s Day. Either way, you find that cupcake liners are a simple and easy way for kids to create beautiful form blooms. line drawing

This initial understanding of this skill was posted on March 24, 2014, and you can view it. We’ve decided to update the article with a crafting pattern, new design, and updated tutorial and video, so we’ve assembled this new blog position. All you require to create these gorgeous flowers are cupcake liners, dyed form, and our blossom designer template. Feel free to download the template from our store’s list, pick the rest of your craft supplies, and prepare to create your beautiful blossom skill today.

Straightforward cupcake liner blooms

It’s challenging to think how comfortable these blooms are because the development is so pretty. But count me, these cupcake liner flowers are so simple to make, even for the smallest craters. Significantly since they don’t develop hot glue like the other cupcake liner flower crafts, we’ve seen out there. Read our simple instructions below on creating colourful flowers from cupcake liners. Be sure to watch our crafting tutorial video in this article before you start as well.

Necessary supplies for your simple floral crafts

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O flower craft pattern. Get the pattern here

Or cupcake mods

Or green card stock

Or yellow card stock

Oh scissors

Or glue stick

O herb scissors (optional)

Instructions for making your cupcake liner flowers

  1. Start by downloading and printing our flower craft template. Print the first page of leaf shapes and flower stems on green card stock. Print the second page of circles on yellow card stock. Slice out individually the parts from the template.
  2. Choose six cupcake mods to create your flowers. When creating our flowers, we went with a rainbow theme, but you can choose whatever colours you prefer. Flatten each cupcake tin and glue a yellow circle in the centre.

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  1. Use scissors to cut slits around each cupcake pan’s limiter to create petal shapes.
  2. Glue the three long flower stems onto your 12-inch by 12-inch blue card stock. Be sure to leave just over an inch of your blue card stock on the sides of the outer flower stems.
  3. Add adhesive to the rear of your cupcake liner flowers and glue them to the flower stems. Start by gluing three flowers to the lid of a separate stem. Then glue three more blooms in the centre of the elongated bud branches.
  4. Bond two blossom petals under each cupcake liner and blossom on the flower stems.

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7. Cut a length of green card stock approximately 2 inches by 12 inches. Use scissors to thin slits along one flank of the stripe of the report to create grass. Or, if you have fancy herb scissors, they’re great for cutting slots of grass along the paper.

8. Count adhesive to the bottom of the green grass paper strip and glue it to the bottom of your cupcake liner flower craft.

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