Details about the baggage allowance with Turkish Airlines

Details about the baggage allowance with Turkish Airlines

While choosing any airline, you may have come across various in-flight services—this help to make the journey quite memorable. But, there are some rules & regulations that are necessary to be followed. Here, you will know what the Baggage Allowance of Turkish Airlines is? 

Moreover, It’s represented as the national flag carrier of the Republic of Turkey & serves about 315 destinations as these locations are marked in Europe, Asia, Africa & others. While traveling here, you’ll be greeted with extraordinary facilities.

Moreover, you can also Get in touch with Turkish Airlines to learn about other services & deals. 

How much weight are the passengers allowed to carry?

As a single piece of baggage can not get over 32 kgs & the somehow if it’s more then the required weight, the should be divided into two more parts. 

What should be luggage size while traveling?

The checked baggage however shouldn’t exceed 158cm / 62 inches in total with the same weight. Moreover, the free allowance for international flights is about 20kg/ 44lbs. in the Economy—30 kg in Business class. 

Can you take two bags on the flight?

Yes, people can do that, but if you’re flying to the destination, that follows the piece concept. 

Baggage policy with the airlines:

  • Carry-on baggage:

1 cabin bag fares on Economy fares should not exceed 17.6 lb / 8 kg & dimension about 55x40x23 cm

2 cabin fares on business fares that should not exceed 17.6 lb / 8 kg & same dimension 

1 cabin bag for lap infants aged 0-2 should not exceed 17.6 lb / 8 kg with the similar measures

  • Checked- baggage:

2 bags on Economy fares that should be 50lb / 23 per kg

2 bags on Business fare about 70lb / 32 per kg

1 bag for an infant below 2 years 50lb / 23 kg with 1 collapsible stroller 

Moreover, the above details refer to Know the Baggage Allowance of Turkish Airlines?

What do you mean by the 2 pc luggage allowance?

In case the flight is marked with Code 1 pc, you are eligible to carry single luggage of 23kg. However, if the flight is 2 pc, then people can move with two pieces of baggage of 23kg, 

How to calculate the size of the baggage?

You are however required to measure the length, height & depth, followed by the handles & wheels. Now, add them & get the linear measurements in cm or inches. 

Is the laptop included in 7 kg hand luggage?

Yes, you can probably carry the laptop with the other accessories that have to somehow fit into the luggage allowance. However, it’s quite better to keep all these things in your mind & enjoy. 

For more details related to the services& other things, look for How Do I Get A Call Back From Turkish Airlines?

Personal items that are allowed on board:

Item                                                    Dimensions

Handbags                                         40x30x 15 cm 

Camera                                              40x30x 15 cm 

Tablet or laptop                                 40x30x 15 cm 

Light stroller                                              70x 30cm

Full-size stroller                                         40×40 cm

An umbrella without a point                            90 cm

Above are the respective dimensions for the onboard allow items. 


We have provided all the details related to what the Baggage Allowance of Turkish Airlines? So, carefully go through all the information & get yourself updated with the rules & regulations. As these things can help to resolve multiple issues, that can hamper your trip afterward.

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