DIY: trendy do-it-yourself bedspreads

DIY: trendy do-it-yourself bedspreads

The bed is undoubtedly the central element of the bedroom. It usually sits in the centre of the room. Her adornment must be the subject of particular attention so that she can give atmosphere and friendliness to the room—ideas for making them abound.

Choose the right size for your bedspread.

Faux fur bedspread or plaid? To choose according to your style – Olivier Desforges.

More than just a blanket,  the bedspread is a decorative element in its own right. It sets the tone in the decoration of the room. To make your own bedspread, you must first know the right dimensions to prevent it from being too large or too small. The bedspread should completely cover the bed. The models offered on the market generally have the following dimensions:

  • 140×220;
  • 160×200;
  • 180×200

What is engaging with the homemade bedspread is that it is possible to make a tailor-made model to your taste and reflect your personality. To get the right dimensions, measure the height of the bed and multiply it by two. Then add the result obtained to the length and width of the mattress.

If it is a purely decorative accessory, a plaid, a strip of fabric as a centrepiece for the bed, or a simple child’s duvet cover set can bring character to the whole. The trend is for everything to be mismatched but in a complementary harmony, as the mix and match recommend.

Choosing the right style for a trendy bedspread

The bedspread style should be chosen carefully to fit harmoniously with the room’s ambience and decoration, including the curtains, painting, light fixtures, etc.

Blanc des Vosges blankets

  • For a girly, romantic or glamorous piece, it is best to opt for a satin fabric.
  • To emphasize a rustic style, quilted and quilted bedspreads will be ideal.
  • Patchwork is also very trendy. It makes the room warmer and friendlier.
  • To bring a retro touch, crochet bedspreads are perfect.
  • Chunky yarns are trendy right now.

Faux fur is a prevalent material for making modern, comfortable and timeless bedspreads.

Make a patchwork bedspread.

You need three different fabrics, plain or printed, with matching colours. Fleece and another fabric for the bottom are also required. The most important thing is to stay in the tone of the room.

To make the patchwork, here are the steps to follow.

Cut the fabrics to the same size. Choosing the right cutting tool is necessary to have an aesthetic result and save time. It is best to opt for a medium-sized rotary cutter. After cutting out all the pieces needed to make the bedspread, assemble them alternately. The patchwork is made in rows. You have to sew together the pieces that make up a row. Fold the seams with an iron so that the junctions are flat. Do the same to assemble all the rows.

The next step is to assemble the patchwork with the background fabric and the fleece. To do this, lay them flat, laying the background fabric first, then the fleece and finally the patchwork. Finally, sew the edges together, put the bedspread right side up and stitch the whole thing together. It is essential to iron the seams to obtain a beautiful finish.

Make a Crocheted Bedspread

As for making the patchwork in fabric, it is necessary to start by knitting units of squares, hexagons, and rectangles decorated with flowers or other. It is advisable to have enough pieces to cover the bed completely. Then just put them together. Depending on the bed size, allow an average of 150 units to make a crocheted patchwork. To further emphasize the bed, it is better to crochet units of different colours. However, these must be matched and in harmony with the room’s atmosphere. Each unit may also contain different colours. Making crochet patchwork is quite simple, but patience is required. In addition, crocheting allows you to create many patterns—no need for a lot of know-how. Just follow the predefined templates.

Make a Chunky Yarn Bedspread

Bedspreads or plaids in coarse wool are very popular. In addition to bringing a chic and designer touch, they are cosy and provide comfortable warmth. Making a chunky wool bedspread is easy. All you need is a very thick ball of wool and gigantic knitting needles. You can be a seasoned knitter to pull it off! A beginner can make a chunky wool bedspread in a few hours by following online tutorials. It is also possible to do without crochet hooks by using only your hands to make the stitches of the bedspread.

Bet on accessories to enhance the decoration of the room

To complete the room’s decoration, it is advisable to play with the colours of the pillowcases and cushions. It is better to choose matching or contrasting colours to avoid weighing down the decoration. If the bedspread is printed, it is best to opt for pillowcases in solid colours and vice versa. Small cushions are also good ways to enhance the bed.

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