Does Cat6 Ethernet Cable Support Power over Ethernet?

Does Cat6 Ethernet Cable Support Power over Ethernet?

Let’s suppose you need to install an IP security camera or any other device but you don’t want to run separate electrical lines for it. What would you do? Well, if the device supports PoE, you will simply run a PoE ethernet cable.

PoE, short for power over ethernet, is the transmission of both electric power and data. In simple talk, power over ethernet means running an ethernet-enabled device with only a single cable.

Now, consider the important question here: Does the Cat6 ethernet cable support PoE?

Well, the quick answer is yes, but like always, it comes with some conditions. Not all bulk Cat6 cables support POE and there are different types of PoE Cables. So the answer is very subjective (it depends on many factors) and demands a better understanding of the concepts.

Keep reading to learn about the Cat6 Ethernet cable, PoE, and Cat6 cables’ PoE supportability.

What is Power Over Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet was invented back in 1997 and in 2003, IEEE standardized it for the first time under the IEEE 802.3af standard. The technology uses a Power sourcing device known as PSE to provide direct current to another device known as a Powered device.

Using PoE has many benefits for LAN networks. For example, it is a more cost-effective solution for connecting devices in a LAN network. You can use a device by running only one cable which not only is affordable but also a more sustainable solution.

Your space, if you are installing indoors, will also look good and you will need a lesser number of cables.

What is Cat6 Ethernet Cable?

Cat6 ethernet cable is very important when it comes to PoE. In general as well. The cable has a 1 GBit/s data transfer rate over 100 meters with a bandwidth capacity of 550 MHz. The cable can transmit data at speeds of up to 10 GBit/s when run at up to 50 meters.

The cable comes in different types. Differentiated by the type of conductor, jacket, and shielding, it is available for all kinds of needs. Including PoE.

The cable comes with two types of conductors which can be shielded or unshielded. The conductor types are pure copper and copper-clad aluminum. Shielding in the cable is a metal foil or a wire mesh wrapped around the cable conductors. It helps minimize the effects of electromagnetic interference and crosstalk.

Bare copper or pure copper conductors are better than CCA conductors. Pure copper is more efficient, does not corrode, and is highly flexible. It also has a high bend radius, maintains minimum attenuation, and has high tensile strength. All these qualities make the bare copper cable more efficient and worthy of use in all kinds of situations.

Coming back to the1000ft Cat6 cable. Most of its qualities are due to the bare copper conductor. These conductors are 4 tightly twisted pairs of 8 wires with a 23 AWG size.

Does Cat6 Support PoE?

Cat6 ethernet cable supports PoE, PoE+/++ only if its conductors are made from bare copper. Bare copper, as emphasized earlier, is the primary and most important determinant of Cat6 cable’s PoE supportability.

The bulk Cat6 ethernet cables which have bare copper conductors are ideal for PoE applications. In residential and commercial settings, these cables are readily used for connecting devices that are compatible with power over ethernet.

Can I use Cat6 CCA for PoE?

Bulk Cat6 cables with CCA conductors are a fire hazard if used for PoE applications. These cables are mostly used in temporary settings and are not good for PoE connections.

Copper-clad aluminum is a brittle conductor. They can easily break as compared to pure copper cables and they can overheat when used for power transmission. This overheating then poses a risk of a fire outbreak.

Even if the CCA cables do not cause a fire, they will most probably not last long. That is why it is better to use bare copper Cat6 cables 1000ft.

Also pertinent to mention here is the fact that CCA cables are not legally allowed in most places for PoE use. Be sure to check whether your local authorities allow its use.

What to look for?

If you are looking to buy ethernet cables for PoE applications, be sure to buy bare copper cables. Whether you are buying the Cat6 or any other ethernet cable such as the Cat5e or Cat6a, it must have pure copper wires.

Shielding does not have any considerable effect on a cable’s PoE performance, but it can improve the signal quality to a great extent.

Lastly, get the plenum jacketed cable. Plenum cables are far safer than any other option out there. But they are expensive as well. So, if you are restricted by a budget, riser Cat6 cables 1000ft are perfectly fine as well.

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed this blog on bulk Cat6 ethernet cable and PoE. Cat6 is a great ethernet cable and PoE is an impressive technology. Use them wisely. Happy networking!


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