Ducted Heating is Best Enjoyed When Installed on The Floor

Ducted Heating is Best Enjoyed When Installed on The Floor

Ducted heating is very popular in most countries today. This heating system uses gas to heat the air which is then distributed throughout the entire house by means of a system of ducts. This is the most efficient way of heating your home as it saves a lot of energy and thereby is highly cost-effective.

Apart from being cost-effective and energy-efficient, ducted heating also is very versatile. You can install the ducts on either the floor or on the ceiling. They ensure the comfort of the owners all through the year. This is mostly a viable option in very cold countries where the temperatures are low throughout the year and heating is always required. You can even use it in countries where it is cold only in the winter months.

The Working Behind Ducted Heating

Ducted heating is a very good heating solution for the whole house. It heats the whole house through a series of ducts that are installed either on the ceiling or under the floor. Whichever way, your house gets heated up efficiently.

There is a central heating system in the unit where the air is heated up. The cold air from the room is sucked in through the return grill which is positioned inside the room. This air is then made to pass through the gas heat exchanger wherein the air is efficiently heated. After the air gets heated up, a fan pushes the heated air through the entire ducted system which is then distributed into the rooms.

You can regulate your gas ducted heating system by means of a controller which will allow you to set it at the temperature you need for your room. Once the temperature is set, a thermostat cuts it off and activates it when the temperature changes.

One expert tip here is to install it on the floor. It will work the best there and be able to deliver optimum heat as hot air rises and cold air settles down as it is heavy. This is what the law of nature says. So, when you want a ducted heating system installed in your home, it is best to install it on the floor.

How To Make Sure That Your Ducted Heating System Is Safe for Use?

As there is a chance of carbon monoxide spilling and poisoning, you must be extra sure that your ducted heating system is working efficiently. How do you do that?  You must ensure that:

  • The system is serviced every two years by a qualified and professional gasfitter
  • Check out whether your ducted heating system requires fresh air flow or not so that it can operate safely

There should be no laxity on the part of the owner as carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely fatal.

Ducted Heating

What Should You Check for In Your Heating System?

If you have a ducted heating system in your home, you must check the following:

  • Safety alert in your heater
  • Never use your kitchen exhaust fans or such similar items when your ducted heating system is on as it creates a negative pressure environment
  • The gas heater should not run for excessively long periods like the whole night
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm for extra safety
  • Old gas heaters should be replaced
  • Portable outdoor appliances should as a rule never be installed indoors

Wrapping Up with The Pros of Ducted Heating

Ducted heating can efficiently heat the whole home. It is very cheap as it runs on gas as compared to electricity. It also heats the room very fast making it more energy efficient. So, if you have any immediate plans of installing one then you must install the gas ducted heating system.


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