Everything About Smart Switch Windows Download

Everything About Smart Switch Windows Download

Samsung smart switch windows are the most famous data migration tool that comes on your Android devices. Sending data to the Windows PC or mobile devices and receiving them again to the new devices process is want to be a trusted. Therefore Samsung electronics gives the opportunity to all smart device users. Finding a reliable transferring tool is the best solution before transferring so we are giving the reliable tool as Smart Switch windows. But the important point is you must apply this application for the Samsung Smart Galaxy phone.

Brief Introduction to the Smart Switch Windows

From engaging with this modern technological world people always seek the newest and easiest things for getting on their hands. Likewise handling smart devices is the easiest way to complete their needs. At the same time, people love to switch the newest devices for the newest releases. But the problem is when you go to the new one, how do you transfer the data of your device? No hard and do not question anymore because you come to the right path that is using a smart switch for windows.

Smart Switch windows file transferring tool is ranked one in the globe that helps in receiving your important data such as calendar, text messages, call logs, gallery, contacts, videos, alarms, and so on from the old mobile device to the new Galaxy device. If you like to switch to a new Samsung galaxy device then the option is Smart Switch Windows. Then you can get data from your older device to the new Samsung Galaxy device through the Windows PC without any harmful thing. By the way, if you are still using Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit operating system on personal computers you can go together with this software without any mess. Thus this easiest data transferring tool to all the newest Galaxy users in this world.

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Versions of  Samsung Smart switch Software

If you are still using the new galaxy device and waiting for getting older data, choose the best free application as Samsung Smart PC. This data transfer software spreads trustful services in transferring data to the whole world. Because of its development, the team of this software upgraded new versions with features and functions from time to time. As a solution, smart switch windows 4.2.21093.6 is the latest version. Before visiting the next chapter we would like to provide a small touch-up about other versions below.

  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.21093.6 – Latest version
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.21075.3
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.18124_4
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.19071_4           
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.21023.2
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.21013.13
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.20013._2
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.20072_4
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.20113.5
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.18034_11
  • Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.18052_28

Essential for Windows PC for getting Samsung Smart Switch Software

Before finding the software you have to consider some facts then only you can make the setup. There are,

  • You need a Samsung Galaxy device with OS of android 4.3 or upper
  • Your old device also must have the same Android operating system and it is an iOS device, it will be an iOS 4 or upper
  • The central processor unit of the PC will be Pentium 4:2.4 GHZ or upper
  • 1 GB or higher capacity RAM you need
  • Windows XP or higher operating system you want for  downloading the Smart Switch Windows
  • The screen resolution must be made with 1024X 768( 600),32 bit, or upper
  • Plus you need a windows media player 11 version or later
  • Finding a proper USB cable is important

Advantages of the Samsung Smart Switch For PC 

  • This is the too easiest and fastest data transferring tool to the new Samsung Galaxy mobile device from older devices for getting older mobile data
  • No need to charge them money for downloading Samsung Smart Switch Windows
  • You do not want to bother like other tools because it has a simple user interface to understand everyone
  • Samsung Smart Switch Windows software is a user friendly
  • The versions upgraded day by day are very much capable with this transferring tool
  • Using this software is very much easy so that professionals and newcomers get a quick idea about it. Therefore software does not affect you in any troubles
  • Samsung Smart Switch basically has backup creation So you can keep them on your Windows PC and restore them to your new Galaxy device
  • You do not want to go anywhere for the help of others. You can carry out the transferring process as yourself
  • Saving time is valuable that you can get from Samsung Smart Switch for pc
  • Easy for transferring the application

The capability of Samsung Smart Switch Windows

Samsung Smart Switch for PC tool is the most powerful in transferring data. As a Windows personal computer user, you should want to know the capability of Samsung Smart Switch Windows. Here we attached the bottom for your help.

  • Windows XP 
  • Windows vista
  • Windows 7 
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

What data that you can transfer to the new Samsung Galaxy device?

Using Samsung Smart Switch Windows you can transfer photos, music, documents, call logs, contacts, text messages, calendars, alarms, videos, ringing tones, email, WIFI, and more available to you for transfer.

Guidance for downloading the Samsung Smart Switch Windows

  • Download and install the software that we mentioned in the heading from our website
  • Connect your old device to the windows personal computer with a proper USB cable
  • Back up all the mobile data by clicking the backup button
  • After getting finished click on OK and confirm it
  • Remove the old device from the personal computer and then attach a new one with the PC again
  • Find “select different backup” and then “select a backup to restore” 
  • Click on the OK for starting the process
  • Finally, you will get a successful restoration process

Finding the best solution is up to you. In that case, we deliver our article for upgrading with the Samsung Smart Switch for PC to import the data from the Windows PC to your new Galaxy device.


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